Friday, February 22, 2013

[Script] Ghost rider - GTA iV

My second script, this one was hard, 3480 lines of code :P, requested by GEL06, models by wapeddel and Quechus09



Read the readme.txt that goes with the mod

this time using particle effects (flames on head, bike and chain for example), playing .wav files, using ped animations...

the most complicated part was make the chain weapon work properly, the chain is composed by 10 chain pieces, each one is an model with 4 chain links (created by wapeddel):

 i used ATTACH_OBJECT_TO_OBJECT_PHYSICALLY  to attach each chain piece to the previous one and used the property velocity of the chain objects to help the attach method to keep they attached, in the tick i was always trying to move the chains to the attach position

 this give the impression of an real chain:

when moving the chain to attack peds or vehicles or just to make the player "climb" to the top of buildings, i just move the last chain object and the other chain pieces follow it because of the attach method used and the velocity changed in the tick

another interesting idea that i created for this script was the "Wall ride" feature, with this feature we can ride the bike on walls (or any 4 wheel vehicle if the option is set in the .ini file), reaching the top of the buildings

Another features:

Penance stare
Super strength
Super shotgun (super impact + fire)
Spit Fire (like in second movie)
Throw flames with mouth
"Water ride" (ride the bike on the sea)
Spawn bike
Auto heal
Slow motion when using shotgun

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