Thursday, May 2, 2019

Adding a ped model to one of my mods

When you install a new ped model in game (adding or replacing a game ped) you need a .ini file to make that ped model appear in my mods menus, each mod have a folder inside Scripts folder, and inside this folder we have a folder dedicated to the .ini files of the ped models that appear in the menu. Let's take as example the Thanos script mod.

With the Thanos script mod properly installed, in GTA 5 Scripts folder you will find a folder called "Thanos script files", and inside this folder you will find a folder called "Suits":

Inside the folder "Suits" we have one .ini file for each ped model that appears on Thanos menu:

To add a new ped model to the menu, you just need to make a copy of one of those .ini files:

Then you open this new .ini file with Notepad (run notepad as administrator) and edit the variable "name" to set the name you want to be displayed in the menu item and edit the variable "model" to set the ped model name you installed before:

Save the file, load the game and now a new item should appear in the mod menu :)

The other mods uses similar idea, what changes is the folder where the .ini files are located (some are in "Characters" folder, others in "Armors" folder) and the .ini file name pattern (some have _armor, super_suit_, char_, etc.).
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