Thursday, May 16, 2019

GTA 5 Modding help

In this post i will link some tutorials about GTA 5 modding, game crash fix, plugins setup, peds setup, etc.

Basic scripts setup

ScriptHookV and NIBShDotNet setup (step 1 to 3):

Script mods setup (consider NIBShDotNet instead of ScripthookVDotNet):

Ped models setup

(New) Add peds to game:

(Old) Addon Peds setup:

(Old) How to add peds to game:

How to replace peds in game (Case you don't want Add peds):

Game crash FIX for added peds:

Adding a ped model to my mod peds list:


NIBSHDotNet troubleshooting (NIBMods menu not showing):

Problems with NIBMods Patreon login:

Game crash/script error FIX


- FIX: Install this mod

- Error: Game crash after game patch update

- FIX: Maybe you have outdated update.rpf file inside mods\update folder, delete the outdated file or copy the new one from game update folder. (Keep in mind that you may loose changes made in the old update.rpf file)

- Error: Game crash after adding peds

- FIX: Follow this tutorial to fix

- Error: Script error/crash

- Check the NIBSHDotNet log file for possible errors, run the game as Administrator


-Playing Online mode after installing mods:

- Install one mod and test game and mod, don't install lot of mods then test, it's harder find a possible issue related to a mod setup

- Always keep your game updated, some of my mods uses latest anims/FX from latest game patches, outdated game patch may cause game crash when using some powers

- Always run the game as Administrator

- If you don't have a Scripts folder, create one

- When a mod doesn't appear in the NIBMods menu list, make sure the mod is installed properly and that the .dll or .ndll file of the mod is inside Scripts folder

- When toggle powers/spawn enemy/ally via NIBMods Spawn menu (Ctrl+D0) don't work, test the mod using the NIBMods menu (Ctrl+N)

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