Monday, February 6, 2023

GTA 5 Game Crash/Infinite loading FIX

After game updates it's normal have a Game Crash/Infinite Loading issue when loading the game with mods.

The solution, in big part of cases, its update the files update.rpf and update2.rpf copying them to mods\update folder, but first it's interesting backup our dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml from mods\update\update.rpf\common\data to be able to add them back later and keep our added peds, props, vehicles, etc.

You can watch the guide here or follow the text instructions below.

Step 1 - Backup dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml

-Execute OpenIV, select the game, navigate to:


-Select the files dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml and drag them to your Desktop, you also can right click them and click in "Extract..."

Step 2 - Copy the new update.rpf and update2.rpf

-Close OpenIV, use windows explorer to navigate to your GTA 5 main game folder, case you don't know where it's located, you can use your game launcher to discovery the local files location.

-Copy the update.rpf and update2.rpf files from "update" folder to "mods\update" folder replacing previous ones

Step 3 - Add back the dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml

-Execute OpenIV, select the game, click in "Edit Mode", navigate to:


-Click in the "Add new file" button (Green cross) and select the dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml files that you extract in Step 1, you also can click in the menu "New" and then in "Add" to select the files.

Now load the game to test, all should work fine.

My game still crashing/infinite loading, what to do?

Sometimes it's necessary a new gameconfig.xml for the new game patch, in this link you may find the latest one, they commonly release a new version for each game update. Before adding the new gameconfig.xml file to your game, you need to edit a value to be able to have few added peds with working cape, you need to use a text editor and find the ClothStore variable and set the value from 60 to 600, then you can save and import in your "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data", you can see more about this process in this guide (step 2 and step 4).

Case you still have issues after trying all this, i recommend renaming mods folder to modsss (to backup) and then see if the game loads, you may have issues in other RPF files in mods folder. Verify game files integrity it's a good thing to do too.

My JulioNIB mods aren't working properly after game update, what to do?

Reinstall main package choosing mods folder :)

My added peds aren't working, what to do?

Same as previous, reinstall the ped choosing mods folder, you can use my tool to add peds to game easier. Case you use AddonPeds mod, you need to redo the dlclist.xml entry step and make sure the ped files are inside the peds.rpf and check the peds entries using their editor.

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