Thursday, May 16, 2019

GTA 5 Modding help

In this post i will link some tutorials about GTA 5 modding, game crash fix, plugins setup, peds setup, etc.

Basic scripts setup

ScriptHookV and NIBShDotNet setup (step 1 to 3):

Script mods setup (consider NIBShDotNet instead of ScripthookVDotNet):

Ped models setup

(New) Add peds to game:

(Old) Addon Peds setup:

(Old) How to add peds to game:

How to replace peds in game (Case you don't want Add peds):

Game crash FIX for added peds:

Adding a ped model to my mod peds list:


NIBSHDotNet troubleshooting (NIBMods menu not showing):

Problems with NIBMods Patreon login:

Game crash/script error FIX


- FIX: Install this mod

- Error: Game crash after game patch update

- FIX: Maybe you have outdated update.rpf file inside mods\update folder, delete the outdated file or copy the new one from game update folder. (Keep in mind that you may loose changes made in the old update.rpf file)

- Error: Game crash after adding peds

- FIX: Follow this tutorial to fix

- Error: Script error/crash

- Check the NIBSHDotNet log file for possible errors, run the game as Administrator


-Playing Online mode after installing mods:

- Install one mod and test game and mod, don't install lot of mods then test, it's harder find a possible issue related to a mod setup

- Always keep your game updated, some of my mods uses latest anims/FX from latest game patches, outdated game patch may cause game crash when using some powers

- Always run the game as Administrator

- If you don't have a Scripts folder, create one

- When a mod doesn't appear in the NIBMods menu list, make sure the mod is installed properly and that the .dll or .ndll file of the mod is inside Scripts folder

- When toggle powers/spawn enemy/ally via NIBMods Spawn menu (Ctrl+D0) don't work, test the mod using the NIBMods menu (Ctrl+N)

That's it for now, if you want support my work, please go to my Patreon profile and make a pledge, each coin helps me keep my modding development :)

Visit my YouTube channel to see more about my mods/tutorials

Saturday, May 11, 2019

GTA 5 Added peds limit FIX

If you tried to add peds to GTA 5 you may have faced the game crash/game auto close issue when loading story mode, this is what you can try to do to FIX this issue:

Step 1

Download and install this mod, its a .ASI script so, you need ASI Loader installed, extract the file to your gta5.exe folder:

Step 2

Download this mod
Open the ZIP file
Open the folder "Gta Config v28 for v 1.0.2612" (or the folder with your game patch version)
Open the folder "For Less Mods" (You also can try "For More Mods" but i recommend the other)
Open the folder "Stock Traffic (Means Gta base)" (or anything with text: "Means Gta base")
Extract the file "gameconfig.xml" to your desktop.

Now open the OpenIV app and navigate to: mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

*Important: If you don't have the file in mods folder you should navigate to:
"update\update.rpf\common\data", click in the button "Edit mode" and then click in the indicated button to Copy the file to mods folder. *

Click in the button "Edit mode"
Click in New
Click in Add
Select the gameconfig.xml that we extracted to desktop in previous steps and click in Open

Step 3

Install this mod, extract the files to your gta5.exe folder the same way you did with the files in step 1

-Using OpenIV Navigate to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
-Right click the file gameconfig.xml and click in Edit (Edit mode must be enabled)
-Press Ctrl+F and type "cloth" to search for the ClothStore setting
-Edit the PoolSize value from 60 to 600, click in Save and close OpenIV.

*Special thanks to MTN4456

Step 5

In addition to increase the number of peds we can add to the game, we can try removing some game DLC packs that adds peds, one example is the Cayo Perico Heist DLC that adds lot of peds, removing that dlc line from dlclist.xml will increase max. number of added peds.

To do this right click the file dlclist.xml (that is located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data), click in Edit and then find the line with "mpheist4" and remove it, then save the file.

Step 6

-Case you have update2.rpf in mods/update folder, you must delete it, there is no reason to have this file there, unless a mod that you installed uses it, probably not the case.

Done :)

If all goes well now you can run your game with added peds, props and vehicles without issues :)


There is a limit related to how much added peds with "working cape" (Cloth physics) that you can have, numbers close to 5 are already close to the limit and can cause game crash at loading or when trying to use that character for player, it may vary depending on how many added things you have.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Adding a ped model to one of my mods

When you install a new ped model in game (adding or replacing a game ped) you need a .ini file to make that ped model appear in my mods menus, each mod have a folder inside Scripts folder, and inside this folder we have a folder dedicated to the .ini files of the ped models that appear in the menu. Let's take as example the Thanos script mod.

With the Thanos script mod properly installed, in GTA 5 Scripts folder you will find a folder called "Thanos script files", and inside this folder you will find a folder called "Suits":

Inside the folder "Suits" we have one .ini file for each ped model that appears on Thanos menu:

To add a new ped model to the menu, you just need to make a copy of one of those .ini files:

Then you open this new .ini file with Notepad (run notepad as administrator) and edit the variable "name" to set the name you want to be displayed in the menu item and edit the variable "model" to set the ped model name you installed before:

Save the file, load the game and now a new item should appear in the mod menu :)

The other mods uses similar idea, what changes is the folder where the .ini files are located (some are in "Characters" folder, others in "Armors" folder) and the .ini file name pattern (some have _armor, super_suit_, char_, etc.).

Running GTA 5 as Administrator

It's good run the GTA 5 application as administrator to let the scripts read and write files when needed, this simple tutorial shows how.

Find the .exe file of the application, right click it and go to Properties:

Then click in the tab "Compatibility" and in "Privilege Level" check the box "Run this program as an administrator"

Optional: Now click in the button "Change settings for all users" and do the same. Click Ok, and then click in Apply to apply the changes.

Setting the Web Browser location in NIB-Patreon.ini file

Find your google chrome shortcut, right click it and go to Properties:

Then select all text inside the field "Target" and copy the text:

Open your GTA 5 Scripts folder and find the file NIB_Patreon.ini, open it with Notepad (must have administrator rights when running Notepad) and then paste the text you just copied in the variable "webbrowser_exe_location":

Save the file and load the game to test if it can open the web browser :)
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