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GTA V Thanos script mod - Download

*** EDIT: Thanos Endgame released (New version of 2019) ***


This is my Thanos script mod for GTA V

For info about Thanos Endgame (New version), check this post


Also download the ped model (ThanosIW_big):

The mod goes with a sample suit .ini file for that model, you can install any suit, you just need the .ini file in Suits folder to show it in menu.

Plugins setup:
Script setup:

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation:  Extract all files to game Scripts folder. Check this post for more info.

Case you have issues with login in game, send message in my Patreon page.


-Ctrl+N: Show mods menu*
-Left mouse button (Right trigger): Attack with special powers/thrown
-R (Right shoulder) Attack with basic melee attacks/thrown
-R (Right shoulder) when falling: Attack with Power Stone (Ground smash)
-E (Left shoulder): Hold to show power selection or simple press to switch power
-T (DPad right): Open portal for teleport in targeted ground position or
in targeted waypoint indicator
-Q (B): Grab/lift target, hold to grab with telekinesis (Mind stone)
-Shift (A): Sprint
-Space (X): Jump
-Delete (DPad left): Delete targeted portal/black hole
-Double click right mouse button (Left trigger): Toggle time freeze On/Off
|For attack buttons: Hold to increase power/keep attack

-Hold left and right shoulders (in vehicles hold right and left triggers and press DPad Right) to show mods menu


-Power shoot with Power stone
-Portal creation with Space stone
-Turn things into stone, animals or water with Reality stone
-Throw meteors with Space and Power stone
-Grab and throw entities
-Ground smash with Power stone
-Time slow down with Time stone
-Create black holes with Space stone
-Steal people souls with Soul stone
-Kill half of population with a snap of fingers
and more.


Script by JulioNIB
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade


Change log

-Fixed missing "Soul pieces FX" in steal soul attack
-Improved Black holes, turn into water\animal to reduce chances of game crash
-Improved create powers/ally/enemy showing messages for possible errors related to ped model
-Improved AI attack:
-Increased keep attack time and remove dead targets time
-Added ground smash attack (Power stone)
-Improved custom cameras
-Improved shoot targetting
-Fixed stone glow FX position
-Added tool to help set stone glow FX position (Check options menu)
-Fixed player health issue after toggle powers Off
-Added option to delete portals and black holes
(aim and press Del/DPad left)
-Added controller support, check Controls in menu
-Added option to auto delete temporary portals
-Changed portal remove FX
-Removed Black hole size limit
-Added feature to make Black holes interact and turn into one (be careful)
-Increased enemy spawn distance and spawn style
-Added option to reduce enemy damage coef. (in script .ini file)

-Fixed black holes leaving entities without gravity
-Fixed grab with mind leaving entity with transparency
-Added handoffset variable for suits .ini files to make possible customization of different Thanos ped models
-Improved wanted level increment

-v1.0.3: First release
-Fixed target set fail for some entities like Ironman armors
-Added "Snap fingers" ultimate attack
-Added Enemy and Ally feature
-Added option to set max health in suit .ini file
-Added option to set damage coef. in suit .ini file

-v1.0.2: WIP 3 release
-Added slowmo time when holding Aim button (Mind stone)
-Added Grab and throw target with telekinesis (Mind stone)
-Increased Steal Soul damage
-Added Black Hole target attack
-Fixed Black Hole placement on ground and walls
-Added "Teleport a Car crash" attack (Space and Reality stones)
-Added option to disable enemy helicopters

-v1.0.1: WIP 2 release
-Fixed walking animation when using custom camera
-Changed sprint anim speed
-Added new sound for Portal creation
-Added delayed meteor creation time
-Added 'Splash it' (Turn into water) for reality stone
-Added 'Wild it' (Turn into animal) for reality stone
-Added new images for Power selection HUD

-v1.0.0: WIP 1 release - Mod is "born"
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