Saturday, September 7, 2013

[TUT] Camera control

My knowledge about camera is limited, i will show in this tutorial what i know about cameras in GTA IV.

Download the source code used here (mirror)

First of all we have direct access to the actual active camera using the following object:


With this object we can obtain useful info about actual active camera:

Other way to obtain access to actual game camera is using this object:


The problem with this object is that it disappear (= nothing) when an ped is set as targeted by player when player is unarmed, so, if you want use this camera be careful and make the Exists(Game.DefaultCamera) check before use.

This native method will return the game camera, very useful when we need to find the actual game camera doesn't matter if we have a gun or not:

Creating a camera

To create a camera we need an object of type camera and we need to create a new instance of it:

Now to see the view of this camera we need to Activate it:

To demonstrate some camera control let's create an free camera with keyboard control, when i press move keys the camera will move forward and backward, when i press + and - camera will zoom in and out and when i press left/right/up/down camera will change direction:

Basically what i'm changing here is Position, Rotation and FOV.

An interesting method to use is the LookAt, we can set the camera to look at a Ped, Object, Vehicle or a single position, when we set this we can't control the camera direction or rotation anymore:

To obtain control over Direction and Rotation again we need to call UNPOINT_CAM method:

Another cool method to use is the SET_CAM_SHAKE:

First param is the camera, we can shake the game camera too but before we need to call CAM_PROCESS and specify game.default camera as the param.

Second param seems to be the level of movement, from 1 to 8

Third param is the time in milliseconds, -1 will result in a shake of approximated 1 second

This is what you need to do to shake the game default camera:

Attaching a camera

We can attach camera using the following methods:


After attaching the camera we can set the offset from the attach point using this method:


To make the attach be relative to the object we need to call this method:


To remove the attach we use UNATTACH_CAM

Let's make an example of this attach, let's attach the camera to player current vehicle, if player aren't in a car let's attach the camera to him:

Now, in a tick we need to set the camera direction or rotation:

With some coding and imagination you can easily create a basic first person camera.

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