Sunday, February 2, 2014

GTA V Fighter Jet P-996 Lazer script mod

This mod is inspired by GTA V's Fighter Jet features and uses a jet model made by SkyLineGTRFreak before GTA V release, so, the jet model is not exact the same from V and don't have all moving parts.


Shoot with minigun
Lock on targets and launch missiles on them
Crosshair and Jet model inspired by GTA V
Simulated jet physics
Improved engine and air flow sounds


Important: Air Combat IV users must check the jet config files and see if none of them is using same model choosen to be the jet of this script :)

Case your jet model setup fails you can edit the handling.dat and vehicles.ide manually using this instructions

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here


The jet is located in the airport, watch the video to see where exactly.

If you plan to use XBox 360 controller is interesting use the fixed camera (Last camera mode) or use the "inside" view camera

When the target indicator is green you can launch the rocket, you don't need to wait until becomes red, just like in V.

The script works based on the model name specified on .ini file (Scripts folder), so, if you want use other model you need to edit the .ini file and set the same name there.

The mod will try to clean any unwanted ped with the jet model on streets, to disable this method just set cleanStreetsTime to 0 on self-generated .ini file.

Depending on modded graphics your engine effect may look bad, you can edit the corona colors used in the .ini file.

In case you need to install the jet model manually you can download it here and see the handling/vehicles.ide lines on the readme.


Q - Switch gun mode
Hold F (enter car key) - Eject (when jet speed > 3)
Space - Shoot actual gun
W (move forward) - Accelerate
S (move backward) - Decelerate
Numpad 5 - Pitch up
Numpad 8 - Pitch down
Numpad 4 - Roll left (also performed by A)
Numpad 6 - Roll right (also performed by D)
Numpad 7 - Turn left
Numpad 9 - Turn Right
G - Toggle gears In/Out

XBox 360 control support:

X - Switch gun mode
Hold Y (enter car button) - Eject (when jet speed > 3)
A - Shoot
Right trigger - Accelerate
Left trigger - Decelerate
Left thumb stick "up" (move forward)  - Pitch up
Left thumb stick "down" (move backward) - Pitch down
Left thumb stick "left"  - Roll left
Left thumb stick "right"  - Roll right
Left bumper - Turn left
Right bumper - Turn Right
Left Thumb Stick - Toggle gears In/Out

You can edit the .ini and customize keyboard hotkeys.
Press change camera button until pass last camera and you will activate fixed camera


Script and extra models by JulioNIB
Jet model by SkyLineGTRFreak

W.I.P. video


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