Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ViIV - Los Santos Map mod (Alpha release) - GTA IV

This is a map mod inspired by GTA V released by NTAuthority that tries to bring to GTA IV the Los Santos map from GTA V, its a alpha release, this means that it's not finished yet and have bugs.

It's a big project that started months ago and finally we have a public release :)


Mirror: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Oficial source: here

If you want use some of my V Style mods in that map you need to download this compatibility pack that i made today, it fixes a common issue that my scripts had in this map. So, install the original .oiv file then overwrite the DLL in gta Scripts folder with the DLL from the compatibility pack :)

I didn't tested all but Tank, Jet P996, Parachute IV, Dual Wielding and Max Payne IV are working fine :)

V Style compatible with this map:

Squared radar:

GTA V Radio stations:

Trevor car:


There is a radar.img that you can use to see the correct map in the minimap, download it here (by MajesticNL). Copy it to your "pc\models\cdimages\" gta folder.


This is what i recommend to do:

-Make a copy of your GTA folder with patch and rename it to whatever you want
-Download the map mod file
-Extract the content to a folder
-Copy folder "viiv" and files RIL.ViIV.EpisodeHook.dll and RIL.ViIV.Tooling.asi (and maybe xlive.dll) to your new GTA folder
-Run the game using LaunchGTAIV.exe.

At first start it will keep the black screen for a long time, something like 5 minutes, don't touch the PC ^^, after that it should show "Loading..." and after some seconds show player in a car, then you are ready to play. The next startups should be normal.

Tip: Make sure that your Clip Capture option is set to On on the destination GTA.


I'm not sure who is part of the team (NTAuthority seems to be the guy), this is the official topic in GTAForums:


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