Saturday, July 30, 2016

[TUT] Installing .OIV packages in GTA V

Case you downloaded a .OIV file in one of my mods, this is how you proceed to install. The .oiv files are made to make easier the installation, so user just need to click in few buttons to install scripts, models and textures ;)

Important: Try to keep your OpenIV updated, some older versions have issues with the packages.

*Keep in mind that NIBSHDotNet still needed for my mods.

Always install mods with game closed and with only one OpenIV running, otherwise you may corrupt game data. Also, never close OpenIV while its working, even if the app screen freezes, it may be copying files and if you close it the files will be corrupted and game wont start/work properly.

1 - Start OpenIV and click in GTA V windows (Case it asks for game location, set it).

2 - Click in Tools > ASI Manager, make sure that OpenIV.asi and ASI Loader are installed:

3 - Click in Tools > Package Installer:

4 - Select the .OIV file and click in Open:

5 - A window similar to this one should appear, click in Install:

6 - Now OpenIV will ask if you want install in mods folder or in original game files, i recommend to *choose mods folder option to make easier disable the mods when going to play online (*Some mods don't edit RPF files, in this case the "mods folder" option will be disabled):

7 - If everything goes well you should see the "Installing" screen and after some time the "Installation Succeed" screen, the installation time may be longer depending on what RPF files OpenIV will need to handle :)

Issues with Ctrl+N menu? Check this post
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