Friday, October 27, 2017

GTA V - Dragon Ball script mod

Script mod that brings powers like kamehameha and genkidama inspired in Dragon Ball Z.


Some Goku ped models to use: ( (



-Hold E: Show power selection wheel (Controller: Left bumper)
-Left mouse button: Attack with special attacks or thrown grabbed/lifted entity, hold to increase power or change attack variation  (Controller: Right trigger)
-R: Basic Melee attacks  (Controller: B)
-Space: Toggle flight  (Controller: X)
-Q: Grab/lift target  (Controller: Right bumper)
  When a target is grabbed or lifted press Left mouse button to thrown, hold to increase power
-Hold Right mouse button: Set target destination and shows enemy/ally health when they are on screen  (Controller: Left trigger)
-T: Teleport to target position, aim to waypoint in map to teleport to the waypoint  (Controller: Left bumper)
-Shift: Increase sprint speed or flight speed  (Controller: A)
-D1 - D9: Change Saiyajin level


Destructo Disc

Ki Blast




Flight poses

 Kamehameha charging

Ki Blast charging and attacks

Power selection wheel (Beta idea)

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