Thursday, July 5, 2018

VIP mods access

Some of my mods are for VIP users only, you can become a VIP user if you join my Patreon, or, if you can't pay via Patreon, you can obtain the access with GawkBox (Free), PayPal balance, MercadoLivre or PagSeguro (last two is for Brazilians).

The payment grants unlimited access to all released mods.

Choose the payment method:

Become a Patron - 2 dollars only, instant access after payment completed.

GawkBox - 2 dollars credit* (You can obtain this credit for free)

PayPal - 3 dollars*

MercadoLivre (for Brazilians) - 15 reais** (preço maior devido às taxas do MercadoLivre)

PagSeguro (for Brazilians) - 10 reais**

Check the activation guide for Patreons here:

Check the activation guide for the other payment options here:

*You need to do some extra steps to complete the activation
**Você precisa fazer alguns passos extra após a compra para ativar os mods.

You also can obtain temporary access to the mods filling surveys, check the options in game.

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