Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Superman V2 Laser customization

 In the actual version of Superman V2 script is possible change the color and even the shape of the Laser and Blast beam. In this guide i will show how to customize the colors.

You can watch this guide being executed in this video.

1 - Install the props package that goes with Superman V2 (File "2 - Props (replace).oiv") choosing mods folder. This will replace some files, two of them are the Laser beam (p_tumbler_cs2_s_trev.ydr) and the Blast beam (p_tumbler_01_s.ydr). In this guide i will edit the Blast beam prop.

2 - Using OpenIV navigate to "mods\x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf"

3 - Right click the file "p_tumbler_01_s.ydr" (the Blast beam prop) and select "Export to OpenFormats..."

Tip: To make easier find the file you can filter the list by typing "tumbler" in the Filter box on right top corner.

Step 3:

Choose a folder and click in "Select Folder" to save the files

Navigate to the folder where you exported the files, there you will find a folder with the name of the prop ("p_tumbler_01_s") and inside this folder you will find the files exported, some of the files are image files in DDS format, you just need to edit those files to edit the color of the Blast beam.

Tip: You can use a site like Convert.IO to convert the DDS file to PNG and then be able to edit it using big part of image editors out there.

After editing the image you can use Convert,IO site again to convert from your edited PNG image to DDS again and then overwrite the DDS files in the export folder.

4 - After finishing editing the DDS files and placing them back in the folder "p_tumbler_01_s" you can import the model back to the game with the edited DDS image files. In OpenIV enable the Edit mode clicking in the button "Edit Mode" and navigate to "mods\x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf"

5 - Now make sure the game is closed (check the Task Manager process list, ctr+alt+del) and then click in the menu "New" and then click in "Import OpenFormats":

6 - Select the file "p_tumbler_01_s.odr" that you exported in step 3 and click in "Open", in the next window that will appear click in "Ok"

7 - Done, if all goes well, the file will be imported with the new image files that you edited:

In my test i just made some scratches in the image, this is the result if we zoom in the OpenIV prop preview window (That appears if you double click the file "p_tumbler_01_s.ydr" in OpenIV):

And this is the result in game:

If you click in "More information" in the OpenIV prop preview window, you can see the textures of the prop:

This is basically what you need to do to edit a exportable prop model texture (some models can't be exported because they are protected when importing).

You can apply same idea in the file "p_tumbler_cs2_s_trev.ydr" to edit the Laser beam prop of Superman V2 mod.

Using this idea you can even change the shape of the prop model using 3ds Max and the GimsEvo plugin and importing the ODR file to edit.

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