Monday, June 19, 2023

JulioNIB mods Patreon system and Free mods access

1 - My mods can be used for FREE after Patreons prerelease, only few mods (or versions) stay VIP for Patreons 😲🤯😱🥳🎉

2 - There is some Demo versions of the mods that can be used for free without any kind of verification/validation/activation, they are hosted in GTA5Mods and Nexus. They have less features than patreons versions for obvious reasons 😉

3 - After prerelease time, the Patreons prerelease mods can be downloaded for free in my patreon page and have the free and unlimited trial daily activated without limits 😍

4 - Becoming a Patreon helps me keep making mods, that's my JOB since few years ago 🙃

5 - My mods are showcased in my YouTube channel, subscribe and activate st*pid notifications to know when a new one is released, i also make posts about the demo or free trial releases, so, it's a smart action subscribe to my failed yt channel 😎

6 - You don't need to keep being a patreon forever, you can become a patreon, make login in game when asked by the mods and then (sadly 😪) remove your patreon pledge to avoid new charges but would be AMAZING if you continue being a patreon forever 😃😅

7 - You can join my Discord server to obtain help with other mod users, sometimes i help too 😄
Patreons have some special channels dedicated to them

8 - If you are a hater, just get out, you are not obligated to like/use my work, you can live well without them 🥱😈

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Check my mods list here

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Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? No more, i stopped using them

Contact? The good and old e-mail system:
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