Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GTA V Ironman v2.0 - Download and installation guide - Armors and script



Hope that this blog post help people install the IronmanV and the armors, download links are some lines below in Downloads section.

Download Script (Required)

Download the script here

*Make sure you have the required windows packages for ScripthookVDotNet: http://gtaxscripting.blogspot.com.br/2015/06/gta-v-net-scripts-setup.html

Download of Armors (Optional)

For better looking armors, search for Ironman in gta5mods.com site.

Outdated armors:
Armor - Mark III armor by JulioNIB
Armor - Mark III armor by Rarefacer
Armor - Mini Hulkbuster armor
Armor - War Machine armor
Armor - Hammer Drone armor

You can watch the full installation guide here :

https://youtu.be/7YM-_VRs0v4 (PT-BR)
https://youtu.be/bmug9c8wLsA (EN)

Or see how to install .OIV packages here:

Restoring models

Case you want restore the props (Objects) that the armors installations replaced, you can do it using this restore pack.

Issues and solutions

Problem: Nothing happens when you press Ctrl+N
Solution: Make sure you installed the script, also make sure that ScripthookVDotNet is working

Problem: Script asks for activation
Solution: Activate the script using this blog post

Problem: Script stop working when you choose a armor
Possible solution: Update your ScripthookV and ScripthookVDotNet

Problem: Armor don't appear, some weird objects appear instead
Solution: Avoid game updates or use the mods folder idea

Problem: Armor parts are distant from player char. (wrong offset)
Solution: Use the .ini armor file that goes with the armor, if problem persists replace the commas with dots in the numeric values of the armor .ini file, example: from 0,25 to 0.25
Armors setup guide:

-Make sure you have asi loader and OpenIV.asi plugin installed, otherwise you can't load custom game files, you can install it using OpenIV, go to menu Tools > ASI Manager...
-Extract all files to a folder
-Copy content of folder "to scripts folder" to your GTA V scripts folder
-If you don't have a folder called "mods" in your gta5.exe folder, create one.
-Case you don't have a copy of x64g.rpf inside mods folder, make one copy.
-Using OpenIV navigate to mods\x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf
-Click in Edit mode to enable edit mode
-Click in Edit and then click in Add
-Select the files from folder "armor parts" and click in Open


-Press Ctrl + N to show mods menu, use pg up/down or numpad 8, 2 to navigate, press Enter or numpad 5 to activate selected item
-Special vision modes - I
-Super melee attacks - Q - XBox control: B
-Ground attack - Flight + Q
-Lift/grab entities: Hold Q while in ground
-Weapon mode - E - XBox control DPad right/left
-Shoot with weapons or throw things - Left mouse button - XBox control Right bumper
-Hold space to toggle flight mode
-Flight control - WASD, Shift, Control and mouse.
-Press aim to set/remove targets for darts and missiles

Hold attack button when shooting to avoid that player char. keep "punching the air"

Obs.: Some features are specially set for some armors like Hulkbuster, you can change settings in armor .ini file


Making the mods folder

Mark III armor release video

Mini Hulkbuster armor release video


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