Monday, February 20, 2017

GTA V - Crysis script mod

This mod brings some cool features inspired in Crysis games (1 and 2)


If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation:  Check this post

To install a Suit model you can try this one:


Ctrl+N - Show mods menu

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file

Hold left and right shoulders (in vehicles hold right and left triggers and press DPad Right) to show mods menu

Suit v1:
-Ctrl+N - Show mods menu
-Hold E - Show Nanosuit menu (to select powers)
-C (in first person camera) - Show weapon customization menu
-F - Grab peds (when the message is on screen, get close to a ped to see)
-Left mouse button - Throw peds
-T - Throw actual melee gun
Hold B - Binoculars

Suit v2:
-Ctrl+N - Show mods menu
-Q - Toggle armor mode
-E - Toggle stealth mode
-Hold X - Show Nanosuit menu (to select powers)
-F - Grab peds (when close to a ped)
-Left mouse button - Throw peds (or perform Air Stomp attack when player ped is falling and message is on screen)
-T - Throw actual melee gun or perform melee attack when the message is on screen
Hold B - Binoculars

XBox controls:

-B - Air Stomp when message is on screen
-Jump, aim and attack still default
-Hold right shoulder - Show Nanosuit menu
-DPad left - Toggle armor mode (v2)
-DPad right - Toggle stealth mode (v2)


-Nanosuit powers (speed, strength, stealth and armor)
-Some sounds
-Weapon component customization menu
-Super jump (in strength mode v1, and with enough energy in v2)
-Tactical mode for guns (enabled via customization menu, v1)
-Burst/Single fire mode (enabled via customization menu)
-Grab and throw peds
-Throw any melee weapon (also jerry can and fire extinguisher)
-Strength mode causes more damage (visual and health) when using\throwing melee guns
-Air Stomp (v2)
-Super melee attack (v2)


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade


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