Sunday, January 11, 2015

SkateIV mod beta

This mod brings a skateboarding feature to GTA IV. You will be able to perform basic tricks like ollie, flip, heelflip and more difficult ticks like hardflip, airwalk, crailgrab, crooked, etc..

You also will be able to use the half-pipes in the skate parks around the city. Perform grind/slide tricks in some rails/borders and also create your own grind locations using the in game "grind locations editor".


You must restart the game after first mod load or the skate may fall through ground without collisions :)

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here. After first use it will ask you to restart the game, do it :)

Tip: Use First Person mod + SkateIV, the result is really cool:

Demo showing almost all flatground tricks:


Insert - Show mods menu
K - Toggle skate equip/unequipped (Hold to show actions menu)
Space - Perform a Ollie, hold to increase power
Numpad4 - Perform flip tricks
Numpad6 - Perform grab tricks
Numpad7 - Perform grind/slide tricks
Use move left/right/forward/backward + flip/grab/grind hotkey to perform different tricks, in the mod menu you have access to a list of tricks (also listed below).

XBox control support:

Press DPad Down 3 times to toggle skate equip/unequipped
A - Ollie
X - Flip tricks
B - Grab tricks
Y - Grind/Slide tricks
Use DPad or Left stick + flip/grab/grind buttons to perform different tricks

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file


            Flip: Flip hotkey
            Heelflip: mLeft + Flip hotkey
            FS Shuv-it: mForward + Flip hotkey
            Shuv-it: mBackward + Flip hotkey
            Varial Heelflip: mLeft + mBackward + Flip hotkey
            Inward Heelflip: mLeft + mForward + Flip hotkey
            Inward Heelflip: mLeft + mForward + Flip hotkey
            Varial kickflip: mRight + mBackward + Flip hotkey
            360 kickflip: mRight + mForward + Flip hotkey
            Hardflip: mForward 2x + Flip hotkey
            Hospital flip: mBackward 2x + Flip hotkey
            Indy: Grab hotkey
            Tailgrab: mBackward + Grab hotkey
            Nosegrab: mForward + Grab hotkey
            Crailgrab: mLeft + Grab hotkey
            Airwalk: mLeft + mBackward + Grab hotkey
            Cannon ball: mLeft + mForward + Grab hotkey
            Benihana: mRight + mBackward + Grab hotkey
            Varial finger flip: mRight + mForward + Grab hotkey
            5050: Grind hotkey
            Grind: mBackward + Grind hotkey
            Tailslide: mRight + Grind hotkey
            Noseslide: mLeft 2x + Grind hotkey
            Rockslide: mLeft + Grind hotkey
            Crooked: mForward + Grind hotkey

For flip tricks you don't need to perform a ollie before the trick.


Script, models and anims by JulioNIB

Some new deck photos by Kyle Saunders, Johnatan Willian and Gabriel Quiarato.

Special thanks to:

OpenIV team
People that made ASI loader, scripthook, OFIO, ShadowsIV and GIMSIV.

Skateboard model originally made by: Vincent Driard-Sergent and adapted to IV by me.


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