Friday, April 1, 2016

GTA V - New The Flash script mod v2 - NIBStyle

A script mod that let you play with some Flash powers and also let you spawn a "Flash like" enemy/ally ;)


v2 Changes:

-Added power selection wheel
-Added hover feature using tornado hands
-Added feature to phase current vehicle (works against peds, objects and vehicles, not walls/trees, yet)
-Added player phase feature
-Added mid air attack
-Added tornado hands attack
-Added "phase to ground" attack
-Added ped grab and thrown attack
-Added ped carry (for rescues)
-Improved tornado attack
-Improved thrown lightning attack
-Improved heart attack
-Improved punch machine attack
-Improved wall ride
-Improved jump and free fall
-Improved trail fx
-Added option in the .ini file to set the Speed for the three speed levels
-Added option to enable/disable extra landing anims
-Added option to enable/disable fall scream
*Obs.: Auto slow motion when running is set to false by default, check mod options menu to enable.

Some changes in controls:

-Hold Q (Controller: Left bumper) to show powers wheel and select powers
-Press E (Controller: Right bumper) to attack with special attacks
-Press X (Controller: Left stick) to carry current targeted ped
-Press T (Controller: DPad Down) to grab current targeted ped, press Left mouse button (Controller: Right bumper) to thrown him, run and throw for more caos
-Press Control (Controller: DPad left) to toggle Walk mode On/Off
-Press Jump and then press Jump again to toggle the Tornado Hands hover feature On/Off
-For Tornado Hands attack you must hold E (Controller: Right bumper) to keep the attack

-To perform air attack: Jump, set target and then press Left mouse button (Controller: Right bumper)

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:



This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here

Recommended Suits

(2019) Best option:
Setup Guide:

Other/older models:

Suits setup sample (old):

Changes in v1.2

-Added ally feature
-Added enemy feature
-Added new attack mode: "punch machine"
-Changed jump to increase/decrease force based on how much you hold down the jump button

*Obs.: Auto slow motion when running is disabled when a enemy/ally is spawned, this is needed to keep the enemy/ally moving fast as expected.

*Obs2.: To spawn enemy/ally you need to install a suit, you will find links some lines above


Ctrl+N - Show mods menu

-Ctrl - Toggle walk mode (disable/enable the super speed)
-Hold E to show attack mode selection or press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select one attack mode directly (numbers close to QWER keys)
-Press E to perform the attack
-Left mouse button - Normal melee attacks when not moving or Supersonic punch when moving
-Space - Jump (when moving)
-R - Disarm targeted ped, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the ped is close and in the desired area.
-F - Hijack vehicles, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the vehicle is close and in the desired area, for helicopters and airplanes flying the distance is bigger.
-Hold aim to make a forced slow motion mode, you can use this to take pictures or make some cool clips like when throwing a lighting :)

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file

XBox controller

Left stick - Run
Right stick - Camera control
Left trigger - High speed
Left trigger + right trigger - Hyper speed
A - Disarm peds
B - Melee attack
Right Shoulder - special attack
X - jump
Y - hijack vehicle
Left Shoulder - Switch special attack


-Super speed + slow motion (move keys pressed)
-Bigger super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed)
-Hyper auto increasing super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed + aim)
-Slow motion when running can be deactivated in the mod menu
-Super jump, bigger speeds = bigger jumps
-Wall run, this feature don't work in some windows because the game don't respond to the raycasts :(, so, will work in big part of walls, but in some buildings may not work well
-Auto healing
-Walk over water
-Supersonic punch attack (bigger speed = bigger damage)
-Tornado attack
-"Heart Attack" attack
-Thrown Lightning attack
-Basic melee attacks
-Delayed light/blur FX that "follow" player char. when moving
-Rays that "follow" player when moving
-Hijack vehicles, for helicopters you can try to jump close then hold F
-Possibility to customize the FX/rays colors in the mod menu, the setting is saved in the actual Suit .ini file
-Possibility to spawn enemy/ally flash

Things to consider about Video editor + Flash mod

-If FX appear in game during recording it may appear in video editor, otherwise it don't will work.

-If you move the playback track bar in video editor the FX will not appear until you restart the game

-It's good record the beginning of the FX (the point where you start running), in some cases when recording happens when you already is running the FX may not appear

-The best practice to render a video with video editor is set all camera/movement points in editor, save project, reopen the game and then render/preview, this way the FX may appear

Know issues

-Slowmotion or slow speed in some moments, when falling for example.
-Screen bug in result of too many particle effects on player char. run and stop again to remove the FX, this commonly solves the temporary issue.
 You also can reduce the amount of FX for "blur" effect in the mod menu.
-Game crash was detected few times during Thrown lightning and Tornado attacks, its random and hard to happen, but possible.
-Wall run may fail depending on building/windows, use slow speed to avoid jump out of the end of building ^^
-Use of hyper speed in mountains may make you fall underground due to game collision loading issues
-Enemy/ally may stop following their target if they are far away, get close to the enemy/ally and it may start following again.


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
Suits by OkaymanXXI and fungfung879


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