Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Patreon via PagSeguro

Passo 1: Compre o acesso aos mods

Caso você não consiga pagar através do site Patreon para ser meu colaborador e ter acesso aos mods exclusivos de colaboradores, você pode efetuar o pagamento através do PagSeguro via cartão, boleto bancário, etc.. Após a confirmação do pagamento mande um e-mail para gtaivscripting@gmail.com para receber instruções para ativar os mods e links para baixar os mods:

PagSeguro - Acesso aos Tops mods R$ 15,00
Pague com PagSeguro - é rápido, grátis e seguro!

O pagamento lhe garante acesso a todos os mods já lançados :)

Você só precisa pagar uma vez.

Passo 2: Ativação dos mods

Mande um email para gtaivscripting@gmail.com para receber seu código de ativação, eu geralmente respondo em menos de uma hora.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NIBMods Patreon Login - Problems and solutions

Some of my mods requires that you login with your Patreon account to use the mod or to unlock some features, case you have issues with the login process check the tips below:

-Timeout (in game error)

If your GTA V can't connect to internet because of missing internet connection or a firewall blocking the GTA V application, you will receive the Timeout error message when trying to verify the login.

Solution: Fix your internet connection or check if there is no program/firewall avoiding that GTA V connect to internet.

Timeout error message:

-Error starting Web Browser (in game error)

Case a error happens when you press L to login, your GTA V probably can't run your default web browser application, in big part of the reported cases the issue was related to missing Administrator rights to run the web browser. In some cases windows was unable to determine the web browser app location.

Solution 1: Run game as administrator, check how to do this clicking here.

Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall the web browser again or install Google Chrome web browser.

Solution 3: Set the web browser application location in the NIB-Patreon.ini file (Located in scripts folder) and run game as administrator, check how to do this clicking here.

-Login page sends you to a page with a link to my YT channel and login don't work in game

Depending on your web browser configuration, you may have issues with the login page, some users with Firefox was unable to login due to a weird behavior of the web browser not sending the properly info.

Solution: Copy the link that opens when you press L to login and open this link in another web browser, Google Chrome works fine :)

-Error - Empty code (in game error)

This error may happen if something is avoiding that the script get the required info to perform the login check, in this case send message to me in my Patreon page

-Error getting data (in game error)

This error may happen if something is wrong with my web service, in this case send message to me in my Patreon page

-Error connecting to DB (in game error)

This error may happen if something is wrong with my server hehe, in this case send message to me in my Patreon page

If you still have issues after trying the fixes listed above, i recommend that you completely reinstall GTA V, install only my mods first and try to login, case you still have issues, you can send me message on my Patreon page and i will try to help you :)

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