Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GTA V PC - Lamar Gunner script mod

This is my first try to make a script mod for GTA V PC, so, it's a very basic script.


Create a vehicle with Lamar as gunner, you can create a Technical, Insurgent or the helicopter Valkyrie. You can toggle the Attack mode and control Lamar while driving, or you can leave Lamar controlling and shooting when he wants ^^


This script requires the ASI loader + ScripthookV, see how to download and install them here.

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: Copy the .asi file to your GTA5.exe folder


Ctrl + i - Show the mod menu
Numpad8/Page Up and Numpad2/Page Down - Navigate up/down in the menu
Numpad5/Enter - Choose a item from menu
E - Switch attack mode (Manual, Auto>Enemies, Auto>All)

Always hold aim button while shooting, otherwise you can't move the aim :)

Known issues

Sometimes Lamar don't detect a enemy or possible victim.
Sometimes Lamar sit in the wrong seat, leave the vehicle and then enter again, if problem still, create another vehicle using the menu.


Script by JulioNIB


GTA V PC ScripthookV, ScripthookV .net, ASI Loader and SDK

*** Attention - Always disable your "loaders" (ASI loader, FOV mod and others) when you plan to play the Online mode of GTA V to avoid being banned. So, always remove your dsound.dll or dinput8.dll from GTA5.exe folder before launch the game to play in Online mode. This batch files may help you doing this task, it simple rename those files for you enabling or disabling the loaders. ***

With those files you can start making your own scripts for GTA V PC or use scripts made by other people :)

The actual version of scripthookV works with game patch 1.0.335.2, so, to use it you may need to downgrade your gtav to this game patch, check how to do this in this video. ScripthookV works in cracked versions too, but the game patch must be the compatible one.

ASI Loader and Scripthook

This is the responsible for "hacking" the game memory and load the ScripthookV that will load .asi scripts, so, if you plan to use my .asi script mods you need this files.

Download here


Inside the zip file search for the files dsound.dll (or dinput8.dll for newer version) and ScriptHookV.dll, copy them to your GTA5.exe folder:

In newest version of ScripthookV they are using dinput8.dll instead of dsound.dll, so, if you have a dsound.dll from older ScripthookV, you need to remove it :)

Make sure that your game version is compatible, this version of ASI loader + scripthook works with GTA5.exe version 1.0.335.2:

ScriptHookV .NET

This is a addon to the ScripthookV, it let modders use a C# and VB.Net languages to code the scripts, way easier and with OO that make script development easier and faster :)

Download here


Copy the files ScriptHookVDotNet.asi and ScriptHookVDotNet.dll to your GTA5.exe folder.


ASI Loader and ScripthookV by Alexander Blade
ScripthookV .NET by Crosire (and some other guys that i don't know now)

ScripthookV SDK

To start making your own .asi scripts for GTA V PC you need this SDK developed by Alexander Blade.

To make .NET scripts you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2013 (maybe works with 2010 too). Add the ScriptHookVDotNet.dll file as Reference in the project, See the sample that goes with the files.

Required packages for .NET scripthook:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

GTA V PC Native Trainer + Scripthook + ASI Loader by Alexander Blade

First GTA V Native Trainer released for public by Alexander Blade :)

It's based on a scripthook that is is the basic tool for scripting. The scripthook by Alexander Blade allow the creation of custom .asi scripts like this Trainer, with those files we can start to make the "magic" happen in game. The scripthook will be deactivated in Online mode ( thx Blade :) ) to avoid stupid cheating and possible bans for the users ;)

Soon i will try to write some codes for V.

Download (Based on game version 1.0.335.2)

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: Copy the files dsound.dll, NativeTrainer.asi and ScriptHookV.dll to your GTA5.exe folder (Commonly at C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V). Run game as administrator.

Mod not working

Case you copied all files to the game folder (GTA5.exe folder) and F4 still don't work there is somethings you can check:

-If your game patch is compatible:

This is the file version compatible with the first release of the trainer + asi loader + scripthook.

-If the version is ok you can check if the LOG files (asiloader.log and ScriptHookV.log) are being generated after game load, if they don't exists maybe you need to run game administrator.

Also open the log files may be helpful to see a possible problem.

Case you need more support go to the official GTAForums thread clicking here.


F4 - Show the mod menu
Numpad 2, 8, 4, 6 - Navigate up/down/left/right in the menu (Numlock must be On)
Numpad 0 - Go back to previous menu
Numpad 5 - Enter/activate actual menu item
Numpad 9 - Vehicle speed up (when option is activated in the Vehicle menu)
Numpad + - Shoot rockets with vehicle (when option is activated in the Vehicle menu)


Alexander Blade and whoever is related to the scripthook + asi loader + native methods develop/research (sorry don't know the names yet)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

GTA V PC Trainer +9 by LinGon

This is the first GTA V PC trainer i tested and works very well (just the teleport is a little buggy)

It was developed by LinGon, check his blog for future updates.

Download v1.0 from GTAInside

Obs.: Run the program as administrator, when it "hooks" into game the music will stop automatically.

How to use

Run the game
Run the trainer as administrator
When trainer is ready the background music will stop
In game press Insert to activate the trainer, you should hear a sound
Press the hotkeys to activate the features

Tip: You can press the hotkeys while in the pause menu, useful for hotkeys like F1 that will start recording if you press outside the pause menu :)


Insert - Activate the trainer
F1 - Toggle Infinite Health
F2 - Toggle Infinite Ammo
F3 - Toggle No Reload
F4 - Set money to the value in the edit
F5 - Toggle Player super speed (run anim speed)
Page Down - Toggle simple bullet time (reduced timescale) - Camera may behave weird sometimes
7 (not numpad 7) - Teleport to Waypoint (sometimes it fail)
8 - Store actual position for teleport
9 - Teleport to stored position
0 - Undo teleport




Monday, April 6, 2015

GTA IV Green Goblin mod

The first real villain script mod made by me, the Green Goblin inspired by Spiderman movie (2002).


-Custom melee attacks
   -Burst (burn victims)
   -Slicer (go spinning and killing :) )
-Glider with:
   -Bombs (same as above)
   -Machine guns
   -"Death Stab" feature (stab people with the blades in front of glider)
   -Flight/hover mode
-Enemy feature

Download (Script mod + Ped model by ac.amir)


If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here, run game as Administrator and restart it when asked.

Known issues

In EFLC the foot position while in glider may look wrong.


Insert - Show mods menu
E - Interact with glider or change gun mode (XControl: DPad Right)
Hold jump to get off the glider
Shift - Go up (when in glider, XControl: Right bumper)
Control - Go down (when in glider, XControl: Left bumper)

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file


Ped model by ac.amir
Script, glider, bombs and anims by JulioNIB
HUD developed with help of:

Fajer King
Millan Ahuja

Models inspired by Spiderman 2002 movie


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