Thursday, August 29, 2013

[OFF] Imagine GTA V with this soft-body physics

BeamNG? Soft-body physics? GTA V? Yes baby, this is the subject, the incredible BeamNG physics for cars collision/soft-body damage and a dream to have this in a GTA game.

BeamNG is the more precise soft-body simulation software/engine that we can try for free actually (i guess). The damage on vehicle structure and parts is incredible:
Now imagine this feature + stronger chassis + stronger suspension + GTA IV video editor in GTA V? AMAZING...

Unfortunately i don't think that we will have something like this in GTA V, mainly because GTA V will be released in September of this year and nobody said anything about more real car damage physics or something like that.

Maybe in a next future we can have a GTA style game with this kind of reality for cars, this would be awesome.

You can try the Free Tech Demo of BeamNG to have the feeling of a more real car damage, enter this site and click in TechDemo or just click here. This version goes with one map only for demonstration with some ramps and obstacles but you can use the World editor (F11) to edit the world and make an more dangerous ambient ^^

Also you can buy the full version that is constantly being updated with new cars, maps and improvements here, it's only $15 and you can have a lot of fun kidding with the car physics in cool maps and have access to all features in the World editor mode. The limit is your imagination (and computer processing capacity lol):

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[TUT | REL] Simple menu class

Some people asked to me to release or explain how to create my menu system used in scripts like Iron Man IV and my mods menu and i will release and explain how to use in this small tutorial.

Download the source here (mirror)

To use this method you need to add as existing item the Menuz.vb file

First we need an object of the class Menuz, each menu need an object, so, if i want an submenu i need to create an object for him, in the object creation we must set the title of the menu, in this example i will create an menu and two submenus:

Now we need to add the items, each item can have one optional image:

Next step is call the Tick event that will draw the menu in a Graphics event:

In a future version i will change this to native calls to avoid Graphics event use.

Next step is show the menu using a hotkey for example:

Now we need to check if user is controlling the menu, if user press Up/Down the menu keyDown event will change menu index and update screen, if user press Enter keyDown event will return true so we can decide what to do:

Based on index property we can define what menu item is in focus.

We need to do similar checks to submenus:

Results on screen:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Death race car - Vigilante 8 style [W.I.P.]

[Work In Progress]

Who played Vigilante 8 game series in PSX console? Very nice game, i spent hours playing shooting rockets and that pink thing that falls from sky ^^

This mod will try to bring something similar to GTA IV, actually it only have the miniguns working, but we already can fight some "AI" drivers:

The idea is add almost all features from Vigilante 8 game, also some crazy cars and some tracks to destroy everything.

Initially the project was called Death Race Car, but i will evolve it to add Vigilante 8 features in a separated mod.

Death Race Car will have:

  • Minigun
  • Ejectable seats
  • Detachable Tombstone (back part)
And other things  that i cant remember now, this is the car:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dual Wielding style - GTA iV

This mod basically will bring the ability to use two guns (glock, deagle, shotgun, uzi and others) as result of the combination of animation editing and scripting.


Download skins and more edited anims like one hand wielding in ac.amir blog

Versão BRaqui

This script also includes an optional headshot feature that apply a temporary slow motion when you perform a headshot kill and a slow motion feature activated when you press Tab.

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following links 
as reference for download:

Actual modded anims:

Combat Shotgun (partial edit,  idle anim in progress)
Sawed off shotgun (TLad)
Sweeper (TLaD)
CZ75 pistol (TLaD)
Golden uzi (TBoGT)
AA12 (TBoGT)
AA12 explosive (TBoGT)
P90 (TBoGT)

*The anims for shotguns for EFLC may affect the fire rate


Script by JulioNIB
Anims by ac.amir

How to Uninstall the mod or install less modded anims

To uninstall the mod and restore your anims you need to do the following:

Download the pack to restore anims (up there) and use OpenIV for easy install or:

First go to your gta Scripts folder and remove the file, this will disable the script.

Second open the .oiv file with Winzip or WinRar, open the folder "contents", "anims to replace" and you will see some folder that start with "backup.":

Inside those folders you will find the original anims for GTA IV, EFLC (main), TBoGT and TLaD, now use OpenIV or SparkIV to restore those files :)

Now, if you want install only selected anims, you can install the Package, and restore only the anims that you want normal, and in the script menu (Insert hotkey) you can enable or disable the desired gun.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DUBStep gun - Scripting for fun

This mod will give to player an DUBStep gun, when you shoot at people they will start to dance :)
The idea is recreate Saints Row IV dubstep gun, but unfortunately my results are not even close.

We can shoot directly or using grenade launcher to affect more people.

Versão BRaqui


If you want share this mod anywhere, please use this link as reference:


Know issues

Windows 8 users may experience an error message when script loads, maybe this can be avoided setting this variable in the DUBStep.ini file:


if the .ini file don't exists you can create one.


Press Insert to see my mods menu and activate the DUBStep gun or press number zero (the one above P) to direct activate/deactivate the gun
Press Tab to switch between Normal shot and Grenade launcher
Hold aim to keep the music playing

Script by JulioNIB, anims by Yeardley Diamond, gun model by Quechus13

Mod requested by Yeardley Diamond:
Music by teknoaxe: (Beat Timed Grime)


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