Friday, December 23, 2016

GTA V - Green Goblin mod

This mod will let you play as Green Goblin and use his Glider.

See the mod in action:



Ctrl+N - Show mods menu
Ctrl+O - Press ctrl+O with a suit selected in the menu and you will see a menu related to spawn Enemy/Ally/Killer
F - Jump on/off glider (focus on glider when you are close to him)
E - Change attack mode
R - Melee attacks when on foot, target need to be set and close to player
T - Change AI Attack mode for glider and slicers
Left mouse button - Attack with bombs, machine guns, etc.
Mouse - control glider direction
Shift/Control - Make glider go up/down
A/D - Make glider go left/right
W - Accelerate
S - Decelerate/reverse


-Glider with machine guns, rockets, bombs, slicer bombs, burst bombs and stab forks in front
-Ped with melee attacks, bombs, slicer bombs and burst bombs
-Auto heal
-Explosion resistance
-Special particle FX on glider
-AI mode for glider and bomb slicers, can behave as bodyguards
-AI ally/enemy/killer feature for the suits

### Changes v0.4 - 19-jan-2017

-Added more FX to  bombs and rockets
-Added support for the 2012 glider model by RareFacer (That is included in the mod)
-Added collision check to make player fall from glider if hit walls at big speed
-Added "None" option for the AI Mode
-Added basic melee attacks
-Added enemy/ally/killer feature


### Changes v0.3 - 14-jan-2017

-Added basic melee attacks - Press R to perform melee attacks while in ground
-Added Suit load system (Check the suit sample files, its similar to superman system)
-Added Ally/Enemy/Killer feature for the Suits - Press Ctrl+O to see the suit spawn options

-The AI peds may have weird anim bugs sometimes

### Changes v0.2 - 26-dec-2016

-Added slicer bomb
-Added carpet bomb
-Added burst bomb
-Made glider AI (bodyguard/killer mode)
-Changed and added some sounds and FX



Features made so far (v0.1 - 23-dec-2016):

-Glider model
-Bomb model
-Glider flight
-Glider FX and sounds
-Glider Machine guns
-Throw bombs while in glider
-Stab peds with glider
-Glider AI to follow owner



Friday, October 21, 2016

GTA V Superman script mod

This is the Superman script mod by JulioNIB :)


Installation:  Check this post

New suit setup sample:

Some Suits that you can download to use with this mod (they may need a .ini file in mod suits folder to appear in the menu, this is up to who release the suit mod)


-R will perform melee attacks (including mid air melee attacks) only will work when tehre is a target set

-Q will perform ground smash attack, can be used against targets too, there is a little issue related to planes and helicopters
-E change special attacks
-Left mouse button: Perform special attack/Throw grabbed entity
-Right mouse button turn ON slow mowtion
 -Press Ctrl + N to see the menu and select a Superman powers option
-Press E to change attack mode
-Press Space to Start flight, hold Space to go in supersonic speed, hold space to charge the flight and cause some havoc when flight starts
in mid air while in supersonic you can press Space again to increase even more the speed
-Control flight with mouse
-To reduce flight speed press S
-To stop flight go close to ground and press Space
-Press Shift when holding W to increase sprint speed (Don't hold shift)

Control support

   A: Sprint modes
   X: Toggle flight mode, hold for supersonic speed when in flight
   B: Melee Attacks
   Right shoulder: Ground attack
   Right trigger: Special attacks
   DPad Right: Change special attack mode
   DPad Left: Toggle Special vision mode
   Left Trigger: Lift/grab entities
   DPad Down: Toggle slow motion


Script by JulioNIB
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire


### Changes 02-dec-2016 - v1.0

-Added control support
-Added kryptonite bullets for some cops when in wanted level 4 or greater (beta)
-Removed blood FX on bullet impacts, only sparks now :)
-Added blood FX and pain audio for big damage caused for example by other superman entity
-Added train derail feature
-Improved slow-motion mode (hold aim button) when running, flying and attacking


### Changes 17-nov-2016 - v0.3

-Changed control system:
-R will perform melee attacks (including mid air melee attacks) only will work when tehre is a target set
-Q will perform ground smash attack, can be used against targets too, there is a little issue related to planes and helicopters
-E change special attacks
-Left mouse button perform special attack
-Right mouse button turn ON slow mowtion (not fully implemented yet)
-Now cops may come after you when you attack
-Improved melee attacks making them more powerful and precise
-Added mid air melee attacks
-Added trail FX for melee attacks and high speed flight
-Fixed slow speed flight psoe when attacking to make the player ped face the target direction


### Changes 12-nov-2016 - v0.2

-Added ground damage effect when flying close to ground or hitting walls in mid flight
-Added definitive X-Ray like vision mode (X)
-Changed sprint mode from 3 to 4 speeds for more easy control
-Added basic melee attacks (punch) when not flying (Select melee attack pressing E and use Left Mouse button to attack)
-Added ground smash attack that can be triggered when flying and on ground pressing Q, also happens when you hit ground in supersonic flight speed


-Mid flight melee attacks under development, for now only ground melee attacks are possible, except the ground smash that can be done when flying.
-Melee attack behavior may change, i want add a target system to make easier attack a specific target.
-Basic melee attack force is increased by player speed, so, running faster before attack will cause more damage.


### Changes 03-nov-2016 - v0.1:

-Fixed issue related to use vehicles
-Different flight anims
-Added Supersonic flight charge anim
-Fixed issue related to Look behind
-Improved sprint mode, press Shift to start sprint, press again to step to next sprint level, last one is supersonic like, release W key to stop sprinting
-Added FX for high speed sprint
-Improved collision check feature, when sprinting, cars that you hit will be pulled away with more force
-Started to make the slow motion feature
-Increased a little the Wind freeze attack range
-Initial try to make a special vision mode


### Changes 28-oct-2016 - v0.0:

-Charge flight startup causing small earthquake and havoc when takeoff
-"Supersonic" flight mode
-Different flight anims and flight control system
-Wind blow
-Wind freeze attack


Features made so far:

-Fast run
-Resistance against bullets, fire, melee attacks and explosions
-Big mass (cause damage to vehicles that hit him)
-Bullets sparks instead of blood when hit
-Auto regenerate life
-Flight (need improvements in anims)
-Shoot laser from eyes causing fire and bursting tires
-Shoot laser blast from eyes causing a small heat explosion causing big damage and fire

To do:

-Wind blow attack
-Grab peds
-Lift vehicles and big objects
-Grab lamp poles and use as weapon
-Throw lifted/grabbed entities
-Special vision modes
-Special melee attacks
-Slow motion
-Enemy/ally feature

Short demo of actual powers:

The release date will be in two or three weeks, Patreons can have the mod earlier, 5~7 days before release, for more info about prerelease access, check my Patreon page.

Have any suggestions or opinions? Share in this facebook post :)


Saturday, September 10, 2016

GTA V - Dragons

This script I made to be used with the dragon models recently released by Quechus13, you will find links for the models some lines below

Step 1 - Download and install the script
Step 2 - Download and install the dragon models: Small dragon model and the Big dragon model

Both dragon models are required to have all features of the script

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation:  Check this post or see the Installation guide (BR - EN):


Press Ctrl + N to show the mods menu

When in dragon mode:
Press number 1 (the one close to QWE) to change attack mode to Flames
Press number 2 to change attack mode to Fireball
Press number  3 to change attack mode to Wing slash
Left mouse button - Attack
E - Grab peds/vehicles (vehicles only with big dragon)
R - Eat/bite peds

When in normal ped mode:

Hold R when aiming to a Ally big dragon to start the Ride feature (message must appear in right bottom corner)
Hold Space while riding a dragon to jump out

Flight controls:

W, A, S and D - Control movement
Mouse - Control camera and dragon direction

You can change some hotkeys in the self-generated .ini file


Hold left and right shoulders (in vehicles hold right and left triggers and press DPad Right) to show mods menu

DPad right - Change the attack mode
Hold Left trigger - Grab things
Right trigger - Attack
Left shoulder - Move down
Right shoulder - Move up
Right stick - Control movement
Left stick - Control camera and dragon direction
Hold B - Trigger the big dragon ride
Hold X - Jump out of big dragon when in ride mode
Hold A - Eat/bite peds


-Dragon invasion: Dragons appear in Los Santos attacking people on streets, special vehicles with guns will come to combat the dragons.
-Become dragon: You can become a dragon and use his attacks and fly
-Ride the big dragon: You can ride the big dragon and control his flight and attacks
-Spawn dragon enemy
-Spawn dragon ally


Script by JulioNIB
Models by Quechus13
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GTA V - Ghost Rider mod by JulioNIB

This mod lets you play as Ghost Rider in GTA V, this was my first time trying to make a vehicle model (the Bike), so, it's not a very good and polished model ;)

Also if the game crashes when you are using the mod try to restore the bike model using the package from "other setup options\Restore files".


Also don't forget to download the custom Ghost Rider ped model by Quechus13:

Looks really cool

To use the first version model check the options in the mod menu

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Change log:

v1.1 and 1.1.1 - Small changes in some features
v1.1.2: Game crash fix issue for the Speed kills, added options to disable Speed kills and bike's Fire trail
v1.1.3: Normal weapons script crash issue fixed

Installation:  Check this post
or watch the guide here (English subtitled):


-If Ghost Rider appear without body, just the skull + chest, you should toggle powers off and on again, may work. This bug is result of game failing to load the MP character.

-If game crash when using bike for some time, disable the Speed kills and fire trail option in the Options menu of Ghost Rider mod

-If game crash when you just get into the bike, restore the original game bike using the Restore packages in the ZIP file

-If the fire FX don't appear anymore you need to reload game or even reopen game, this is result of GTA V failing to spawn the FX due to too much FX used at same time (i guess)


Ctrl + N - Show mods menu
Ctrl + G - Toggle powers
Ctrl + B (with powers ON) - Call bike
E - Change attack mode
Middle mouse button - Turbo
Ctrl + accelerate (in vehicles) - "Wheelie helper"


Right Shoulder + Left Shoulder - Show mods menu
DPad right - Change attack mode
Left trigger - Grab entities (when equipping the chain)
Right trigger - Attack/Charge attack
A - Turbo
When in vehicle the Left Trigger and Right Trigger change to Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder

You can change some of the hotkeys in the self-generated .ini file


The attacks may have up to 3 levels, hold to increase the level, the target indicator will change between
yellow, orange and red

-Fireball: Hold to increase power, can be used in vehicles too
-Flamethrower: Can be used in vehicles too
-Special damage for shotguns
-"Flaming bullets" for all guns (except launchers and melee)
-Chain attacks:
  -Ground smash
  -Grab and launch
  -Grab and burn
  -Chain grab and thrown at target: Press Aim to grab a target, press Attack to thrown the grabbed entity
-Penance stare
  -Simple soul burn
  -Grab by neck and burn
  -Grab and slash the victim into ashes
-"Speed kills": Bike at high speed will cause damage (fire explosion) to entities around

Other features:

-Wall ride with vehicles
-"Water ride" with vehicles
-Transform any vehicle that Ghost Rider enters
-Flames on head and vehicle wheels
-Turbo for vehicles
-Extra breaking force
-Fire effect in damaged bones
-Small explosion when vehicle hit ground


Rarefacer (helped with ZModeler)
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

GTA V - NIBMods menu download

Here you can download the latest version of my mod menu that is used to handle all my mods

Download the menu here on my patreon page

Installation:  Use OpenIV package installer to install the file "Setup package.oiv"


-Ctrl + N - Show mods menu
-Ctrl + D0 (The zero close to P key) - Show the Spawn menu, in this menu you can toggle powers or
  spawn enemy/ally for some of my special characters mods
-Up/Down/Left/Right (also numpads 2, 4, 6 and 8) - Navigate
-Enter/Numpad5 - Select item
-Numpad0/Backspace - Previous menu/Close menu

In controller:

-Hold DPad Left and press X to show the NIBMods menu
-Up/Down/Left/Right - Navigate
-A (Sprint) - Select item
-B - Previous menu/Close menu

*Obs.: Only few mods and the NIBMods menu accept Controller controls, i will update the other mods later, maybe ^^

You can change some hotkeys in the self-generated .ini file


This mod menu have some tools for developers/users that allow you to:

-Spawn vehicles
-Show peds health
-Advanced God Mode
-Ped Selector (For my Add peds tool)
-Change entities LOD distance
-Change peds clothes
-Speedometer and altimeter
-Free camera


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade

Saturday, July 30, 2016

[TUT] Installing .OIV packages in GTA V

Case you downloaded a .OIV file in one of my mods, this is how you proceed to install. The .oiv files are made to make easier the installation, so user just need to click in few buttons to install scripts, models and textures ;)

Important: Try to keep your OpenIV updated, some older versions have issues with the packages.

*Keep in mind that NIBSHDotNet still needed for my mods.

Always install mods with game closed and with only one OpenIV running, otherwise you may corrupt game data. Also, never close OpenIV while its working, even if the app screen freezes, it may be copying files and if you close it the files will be corrupted and game wont start/work properly.

1 - Start OpenIV and click in GTA V windows (Case it asks for game location, set it).

2 - Click in Tools > ASI Manager, make sure that OpenIV.asi and ASI Loader are installed:

3 - Click in Tools > Package Installer:

4 - Select the .OIV file and click in Open:

5 - A window similar to this one should appear, click in Install:

6 - Now OpenIV will ask if you want install in mods folder or in original game files, i recommend to *choose mods folder option to make easier disable the mods when going to play online (*Some mods don't edit RPF files, in this case the "mods folder" option will be disabled):

7 - If everything goes well you should see the "Installing" screen and after some time the "Installation Succeed" screen, the installation time may be longer depending on what RPF files OpenIV will need to handle :)

Issues with Ctrl+N menu? Check this post
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