Friday, February 22, 2013

[Script] myTelekinesis powers

My first script: myTelekinesis Powers, all started making modifications on an open source script, unfortunatelly i cant remember the author's name now:

Source code: here
Download: GTA 4 Mods

Very basic script without animations, particle effects, sprites, nothing, just normal game animations and explosions, if i recreate this script today it will be a lot better considering animations, particle effects and all other stuff that i learned how to use.

How works:

Hold Aim key and press the skill key:

  Skill Key 1: Throw targeted ped/vehicle automatically
  Skill Key 2: Put ped/vehicle to float
  Skill Key 3: Throw floating things into a target
  Skill Key 4: Warp into targeted vehicle
  Skill Key 5: Hold to see the target, release to warp to targeted floor/ceil/whatever
  Skill Key 6: Warp to waypoint, this don't need the Aim key pressed
  Switch the float mode press Tab

Its funny, make things float them throw then, make the player fly to targeted car or ground position, very usefull to make player go to top of buildings ^^

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