Sunday, January 12, 2014

GTA V Online - Why cheat?

As you guys may know, we have a lot of bugs (glitches) in GTA V Online that let user duplicate cars, earn crazy amount of money and experience (RP), spawn items that are available only after some level, use "tricks" to be invulnerable on foot and almost impossible to kill (aka "god" mode) and even use game auto aim/aim lock feature at bigger distances.

The question is: Why cheat? Why do this thing knowing that people think that you are just a loser that can't do the things right and need to cheat to win? Don't you have self-respect?

People know that you cheat, they know that what you have don't have value because is result of glitches/tricks, so, high levels or high amount of money and custom cars means nothing since they come from cheating tactics/tricks.

The hardest part is see how "soft" the software companies are with those people, they don't seems to care too much.

R* says that have plans to remove all "illegal" money from Online mode, but what about the real cheaters with "auto aim" and "god" mode? This kind of thing really causes difference into gameplay, This should be banned.

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