Sunday, July 27, 2014

GTA IV Bicycle script mod

This mod will bring bicycles animations to GTA IV giving the feeling that you had in San Andreas :)

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Known issues

Pedals may not fit exactly where the foots are.
Script may fail creating race drivers (game memory overloaded).
Script may fail creating race test driver (game memory overloaded).
When entering the bicycle or starting a race player may perform the original "bike startup" animation+sound.
Race drivers may suffer bicycle crashes during races ^^
Handling may be hard sometimes.
Case you see a game bike instead of a Bicycle you probably forget to install that bike model.
Script may fail creating bicycle in the menu (game memory overloaded)
Bicycle with engine sounds: You need to edit the vehicles.ide and set DINGHY as one of the parameters, example:

Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here

Download the bicycle script here
Download the compatible bicycle models here (by emad-tvk)

Case you want restore some bikes, check this post.
Case you want add the bicycle models without replace the game vehicles, check this video.

Important note about mods like IronMan IV, Superman, Parachute IV and others:

Those mods use Faggio bike to perform the flight/mid air feature, so, to be able to keep using them you need to remove/edit the bike_bmx.ini file because it is set to use the faggio bike (BMX):

Adding the bicycle without replace game vehicles

Case you want add the bikes without replace any vehicle, you need to:

1 - Add the bicycle model to the game using the add vehicles method.
2 - Edit/Create bicycle configurations for those added models, you will find the files in GTA Scripts folder > Bike Files:

For more specific help, check this video.


Custom animations for:

-Pedaling (slow, medium and fast)
-Lean on turns
-Bunny hop

Pedals will spin to "fit" with the pedaling anim.

Any ped driving a bicycle will become a bicycle driver and will play the bicycle anims.

Script will randomly spawn peds on bicycles each 45~120 seconds.

Race mode (Create and Edit races)

Race drivers may perform stunt anims while in air.

Race drivers may perform a Bunny hop trying to avoid collision with a car.

18 Stunts to perform while in mid air, just make sure to finish the stunt before hit the ground ^^


Create ramps

XBox 360 Control support


Insert - Show mods menu
Numpad 0 - "Bunny hop" (Hold to increase power)
Numpad 1 to Numpad 9 - While in air: perform stunts
E + Stunt - Perform secondary stunt

XBox 360 controls

A - "Bunny hop" (Hold to increase power)
X, A, DPad Left/Right - While in air: perform stunts
Left and/or Right Trigger + Stunt - Perform secondary stunt

You can change the hotkey in the self-generated .ini file


Bicycle anims by Yeardley Diamond
FMXIV anims by Bob Lester
Models by emad-tvk
Script by JulioNIB



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