Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[TUT] GTA IV WDR object with custom name and collision

In this tutorial i show how to create a WDR object and how to create the collisions. In resume:

Choose a name for the model
Choose a game .img file where you want insert the model
Edit the .ide file of this .img file adding a new line for the new object
Create the WDR object and import in game
Create the collision mesh and use Shadows IV plugin to export
Add the file to game and then export using openFormats
Import the file using OFIO plugin
Fix pivot to fit the center of the WDR object
Set the materials
Fix the name of the mesh to fit the name of the object
Change the bound type in the User defined propertie of the mesh
Export and import in game

Download the files/project used here


Thanks to OpenIV team, rage research team, creators of Shadows IV, OFIO and GIMS IV and thanks to AutoDesk for the 3 years free student versions of 3ds Max :)

Also thanks to Bob Lester and Krlos_Rockr for "starting me" in the "3ds Max IV modding world" :)


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