Wednesday, April 15, 2015

GTA V PC Trainer +9 by LinGon

This is the first GTA V PC trainer i tested and works very well (just the teleport is a little buggy)

It was developed by LinGon, check his blog for future updates.

Download v1.0 from GTAInside

Obs.: Run the program as administrator, when it "hooks" into game the music will stop automatically.

How to use

Run the game
Run the trainer as administrator
When trainer is ready the background music will stop
In game press Insert to activate the trainer, you should hear a sound
Press the hotkeys to activate the features

Tip: You can press the hotkeys while in the pause menu, useful for hotkeys like F1 that will start recording if you press outside the pause menu :)


Insert - Activate the trainer
F1 - Toggle Infinite Health
F2 - Toggle Infinite Ammo
F3 - Toggle No Reload
F4 - Set money to the value in the edit
F5 - Toggle Player super speed (run anim speed)
Page Down - Toggle simple bullet time (reduced timescale) - Camera may behave weird sometimes
7 (not numpad 7) - Teleport to Waypoint (sometimes it fail)
8 - Store actual position for teleport
9 - Teleport to stored position
0 - Undo teleport




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