Friday, July 10, 2015

GTA V PC Ironman script mod

GTA V PC IRONMAN V script mod by JulioNIB

Asked by many people, even before GTA V PC release, the Ironman script mod for GTA V with some cool powers + flight, only thing missing is the cool armors that we had in IV, but in a near future they will be made ;)

Features and hotkeys

-Flight mode, max speed up to 400, no height limit
-Extra speed when running after some time
-Special vision modes (Switch with I)
-Super melee attacks (Q - XBox control: B)
-Ground attack (Flight + Q)
-6 Different armor guns (Switch with E - XBox control DPad right/left)
-Shoot with machine guns from right hand (Left mouse button - XBox control Right bumper)
-Shoot darts
-Launch missiles
-Hand repulsor beam
-Two handed repulsor beam
-Chest repulsor beam
-Flight collision check
-Water collision check
-Sparks on damaged bones
-Metal sounds on damage
-Compatible with actual Ironman armors (Trevor clothes retextured)
-Extra army with heavy vehicles like Insurgent, Valkyrie, Savage and Tank to hunt player

Press Ctrl + N to show mods menu and select a armor. If the Ironman don't appear in the menu, press Insert to reload scripts and then try again :)

Flight controls:

-Hold space to toggle flight mode
-WASD, Shift, Control and mouse. Press W again to increase flight speed

Hold attack button when shooting to avoid that player char. keep "punching the air"

v1.1 Changes:

-Changed speed increase mode, after 2 or 3 W press it will progressive increase the speed.
-Added multi armors support
-Some bug fixes

Download: All links are in this post, it also contains installation guide for script and armors

Check how to use mods folder to install the armor files here

You need ScripthookV and NIBShDotNet working to use my recent mods:

Download the red "armor" used in my first vĂ­deos here


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire

For videos and more, check the hashtag #IronmanV:

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