Saturday, January 9, 2016

Watch_Dogs V hacks script mod by JulioNIB

Script that let you perform some hacks in Los Santos, inspired by game Watch Dogs, mod is basically complete for a first release, maybe later i release a update adding more features like the slow-motion (Focus) feature, profiler, crimes, etc.

Obs.: This post is about the script mod that let you hack and show the custom HUDs, the clothes/models show in video is other mod by other guy, the link is some lines below in the Tips section ;)

Download in my patreon page

If you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:



Use OpenIV package installer to install the file "1 - Watch Dogs mod.oiv"
Choose Game Folder option

Install NIBSHDotNet


[Portuguese-BR] Instalação do Script:

[Portuguese-BR] Instalação do Aiden Pearce:
[English] Aiden Pearce setup sample:
[English] Any .net script setup:

v1.2.4 Changes

-Fixed issue related to weapon wheel not working correctly with recent ScripthookVDotNet v2.5 update

v1.2.3 Changes

-Fixed issue related to weapon wheel inside vehicles when using controller
-Added feature that will dispatch cops for the dead witness

v1.2.2 Changes

-Fixed melee weapons not appearing in weapon wheel

-Fixed size of current weapon indicator background
-Added Fire Extinguisher weapon icon
-Fixed some missing gun icons (Nightstick and switchblade)
-Fixed bug related to animals behaving as witness ^^

v1.2.1 Changes

-Fixed cover not working with controller

-Fixed cover working in wrong places
-Changed mobile radio hotkey for controller

v1.2 Changes

-Added control support (hotkeys in blog post)

-Added option to enable/disable wanted level controlled by script
-Added options to trigger the hacks that are only available in the weapon wheel like Blackout and Accelerate all cars around.
-Added option to enable/disable the crosshair
-Fixed blinking weapon icons


Ctrl+N - Show mods menu
Hold Q - Show mobile radio (mouse up/down change station)
E - Hack selected item
R - Change selected item hack type (when R+ icon appears)
R - Cancel camera/remote control hack
Hold Tab - Show custom Weapons wheel (use mouse to select a weapon and scroll to switch weapons in actual slot)

XBox controls

Hold Left DPad - Show mobile radio (camera up/down change station)
RB (Right Button) - Hack selected item
UP DPad - Change selected item hack type (when UP+ icon appears)
Y - Cancel camera/remote control hack
Hold LB (Left Button) - Show custom Weapons wheel (use Right Stick to select a weapon and RB to switch weapons in actual slot)


Use the Aiden Pearce model by GTAFREAk67S

Watch the installation sample of this clothes/models here



-burst wall lamp bulbs

-burst people phones
-explode transformers ("energy boxes", commonly on sideways)
-explode hydrants
-explode gas bombs
-hack security cam (models on walls +one for each traffic light)
-hack traffic lights (make drivers crash close to the front of the pole)
-rise blocks on streets (one for each traffic light)
-hack ATM to:
 -bug the machine to release money and make people around try to pickup
 -explode (like the transformer hack)
-Blackout (accessed via the weapon wheel [TAB], only available between 21 and 3 hours)
-Hack cars to:
 -Lock, Unlock doors
 -Burst engine
 -Burnout (driver needed)
 -Accelerate (driver needed)
You can perform those car hacks for all cars around using the weapon wheel [TAB]
-Hack trains to:
-Disrupt helicopters making them crash

Other features:

-custom walk style when holding one handed guns
-witness feature, people will report player if they see you with a gun or causing trouble
-custom HUD to show current weapon and "hack battery" amount
-custom weapon wheel
-victim damage indicator
-player damage blood fx
-police search area after witness report
-controlled wanted level (cops only will go after you if a witness succeed calling cops + you stay in search area or if you mess up with cops)


-On high speeds only the road block, car, train, helicopter and traffic lights hacks will be enabled

-Road block may fail when block is far away, game seems to ignore the entities collision :(


ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire


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