Saturday, May 11, 2019

GTA 5 Added peds limit FIX

If you tried to add peds to GTA 5 you may have faced the game crash issue when loading story mode, this is what you can try to do to FIX this issue (you can watch the tutorial here if you want):

Step 1 - Download and install this mod, its a .ASI script so, you need ASI Loader installed, extract the file to your gta5.exe folder:

Step 2 - Download this mod

Open the ZIP file
Open the folder "Gta Config For v 1.0.1868.0" (or the folder with your game patch version)
Open the folder "Stock Traffic (Means Gta base)" (or anything with text: "Means Gta base")
Extract the file "gameconfig.xml" to your desktop.

Now open the OpenIV app and navigate to: mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

*Important: If you don't have the file in mods folder you should navigate to:
"update\update.rpf\common\data", click in the button "Edit mode" and then click in the indicated button to Copy the file to mods folder. *

Click in the button "Edit mode"
Click in New
Click in Add
Select the gameconfig.xml that we extracted to desktop in previous steps and click in Open

Step 3 (Optional) - Case after Steps 1 and 2 you still have memory error, install this mod, extract the files to your gta5.exe folder the same way you did with the files in step 1

Done :)

If all goes well now you can run your game with added peds, props and vehicles :)

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