Thursday, May 2, 2013

[W.I.P.] Weed script ^^

Why not? Fear? No way, I'm atheist, i don't fear gods do you think that i will fear man? haha kidding ;)

This script is an (not expected) request that will bring some cool things to GTA iV, you will be able to buy and smoke some weed, also you can buy and sell big amount of weed (pack) and, in an next future, help big dealers in some mini quests.

Download here:


J - call Jacob
B - open "business" menu
L - light up some weed ^^
+/-   increase/decrease weed/pack/price when doing business
Enter - accept values/amount when doing business
B - cancel buy/sell menu
Hold middle mouse to smoke slower ^^

Now it's time to work in Hulk and Tank mod, damm im delayed ^^

It's a W.I.P. (Work In Progress) so, have some bugs and weird behaviors :)

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