Saturday, May 25, 2013

Iron Man IV - The All-in-one Armor pack (installation and fix)

This method works but have some side effects i don't recommend the use of this method:

  • Don't work fine in EFLC
  • Causes bugs with interactive points like internet cafe
  • For some people it result in clean streets with no peds or moving cars
  • And for some it just don't work because game crash when select armor

Because of this i recommend the pack that uses replace method, it will replace mission characters. Check this tutorial and download the pack here.

If you tried this pack and want to try the replace method you need to restore your peds.ide and pedVariations.dat, i provide the original for GTA IV and EFLC on the tutorial above.


Tip: If you installed first version and replaced some common street peds, you can use the pack of this post to restore those peds :)

They (H1Vltg3Wapeddell and Quechus13) released an All-in-one armor pack with a lot of armors but they missed some armor configs, so i fixed them and uploaded here, now let's see how to install this armor pack.

If you wanna watch the installation, click in this link :)

EFLC observation: I tried this method on EFLC with no success, game crash at loading screen, i believe that is not possible make this work on EFLC, i also tried the "exclusive" componentpeds.img and peds.ide files (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\EFLC\TBoGT\common\data\peds.ide) with same results, so you will have to replace normal peds, you can replace the ones that start with IG_ (mission chars) or CS_ (cutscene chars, this one i didnt tested), remember to edit the model name in the armor .ini file.

  • Download the armor pack here
  • Download the armor config fix here or mirror 1 :)
  • Extract the files from armor pack to an folder
  • Copy all files from folder "Main files" to your gtaiv.exe folder and overwrite all (Obs.: This was not tested in EFLC, backup your EFLC install before trying)

  • If your GTA its with patch or lower copy the DLL from folder "DLL for" to your gtaiv.exe folder and overwrite the old one
  • Open the "Fixed Armor cfg" zip an copy all files to your Armors folder (gtaiv.exe folder\Scripts\Iron Man files\Armors) and overwrite everything, it's interesting delete all files from that Armors folder before to avoid have duplicated armors, this is what you will have after this step:

  • Open the OpenIV, click in "Edit mode", open the folder models\cdimages then open file componentpeds.img, drag and drop all files from folder "Iron Man IV 1.1\Armors" to the OpenIV, the OpenIV will freeze for some seconds, it's normal because it's a lot of models:

You can use menu Edit > Add instead of drag and drop

Done, now open the game and see if a ton of armors appeared in the Armors menu ^^

Depending on your resolution you will not be able to see all lines :(
*This is my screen with resolution of 1680x1050

If you installed first version of the mod and replaced common street peds maybe you want restore they visual, in this case take a look here.

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