Monday, July 29, 2013

GTA V style in GTA IV - Char switch

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This script is an "try" to bring to GTA IV the character switch system from GTA V, at this moment we can switch between Niko, Luis and Johnny in GTA iV.

Download last version here

If you want share this mod anywhere, please use this link as reference for download link, this will help me a lot:


Remember this is under develop stage and has some bugs. You will need ScriptHook installed to use this script, put the file inside your Scripts folder.

See the ScriptHook installation guide: here

When we change to other char the old one will wander around or evade from cops if wanted level is greater than zero.

Each char has his own health, armor, ammo and vehicle, those info are saved each time you change chars and will be loaded when game starts.

Unfortunately to me this mod is being developed by other scripters/coders, this is why i'm not sure if i will release this at official sites.


Numpad 1 to 3 - Switch to Niko, Luis and Johnny
Hold X to see the char HUD and move mouse left or right to set the new char

You can edit the hotkeys in the .ini file

This mod was tested in GTA iV patch and EFLC TBoGT first patch.
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