Monday, September 2, 2013

Race day [W.I.P.]

This is a first try to make a race script for GTA IV, i plan to use this script as base for my Death race script.

The intention of this release is just let you test the actual script, so, if you find any error, bug or have a tip please comment in the comments section down there.

At this moment the AI racers still very bad drivers :(

Download: here (mirror)

This mod was initially requested as a drag race script by Kovács Péter

The file goes with two races for airport, you can create or edit races (up to 100)


If you want share or make videos of this W.I.P. please use the following link as download reference:



Copy all files from the zip file to your GTA Scripts folder (you need ScriptHook installed)

files after copy the files from the zip to your GTA Scripts folder


Press Insert to see the mods menu and select the Race day option

 mod menu with the Race day option

mod main menu with the two races

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