Monday, September 16, 2013

GTA IV Superman script

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This script will give to player some Superman powers like:
  • Invencibility
  • Fast sprint
  • Heat vision
  • Super wind blow
  • Super strength
  • Super melee attacks
  • Lift and throw cars
  • Use lamp poles as baseball bat
  • Fly :)
and more 


if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following links as reference in description:


Other Superman models

Superman mix by Quechus13: Easy setup (mirror) (Source)
Injustice Superman with working cape by wapeddell: Easy setup (mirror) (Source)
Man of Steel by wapeddell: Easy setup (mirror) (Source)
Superman v1.0 by H1Vltg3: Not fully supported because it's a playerped mod (Source)


This mod goes with .oiv file for easy setup using OpenIV package installer, see how to install .oiv files here.


*Some people had issues with the mod menu don't showing the Superman option, if this happen press ' or ~ to see the ScriptHook console window and type the command superman to show the mod menu :)

Insert - Show mod menu to be able to switch player model to Superman model or activate and deactivate powers
R - Heat vision
T - Super wind blow (extinguish fire and push everything in front of player)
E - Grab lamp poles or lift cars
Left mouse button (LMB) - Super melee, throw cars
Right mouse button - Aim
Space - Toggle flight mode (must hold when not dressed as Superman)
Direct ped/vehicle attack - Set a targeted ped/vehicle that is not too much far away and press LMB
Ground attack - Fly against ground with more than 30 of speed

You can use all powers when flying too

The mod starts by default with powers ON, this means that you will have superman powers when not looking like superman, to disable the powers go to the mod menu and toggle the powers option :)

XBox 360 controller support is under develop.


Script: JulioNIB
Flight anims: Yeardley Diamond
Superman model: Indirivacua
Tests: Taltigolt
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