Sunday, October 27, 2013

Iron Man IV v2.0 - Stark Tower support

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Update for Iron Man IV script: Added Stark Tower support  and some minor features

The Tower will be a new safe house in map, one helicopter (Maverick) and one car (Comet) will be automatically created. You will be able to store up to 6 cars on tower's garage.
You can use the tower's armor selector to equip any of the armors that are in the tower armors floor.

Tested in GTA IV patch and EFLC, in EFLC the Mark III armor is a ped model and the mask/helmet can't be removed pressing M like in IV.


Basic setup guide:

-Download the mod from the link above (Download)
-Install the script using OpenIV package installer (find help here)
-Make sure that you have ScriptHook installed and working (find help here)
-To have more armors install this armor pack

Additional files

Download the Audi R8 here (mirror2) - Easy setup file (source) - Will replace Comet and will be parked outside the Stark Tower, you can change the model in the .ini file and replace other car.

Added armors (without replace peds) required files

If you used the add armors method you need this .ini file, you must replace the one that is in the Scripts folder. The difference is the model names in the armor_selector sections that are different for added armors.

Backup files

Download the files to restore the "Getalife" building replaced by Stark Tower here (mirror, or use the manul setup files)
To restore Niko's head download this playerped.rpf backup

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:



Easy setup option: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here
For manual setup option: check each downloaded item readme.txt and place the script in the Scripts folder.

Make sure that you have the following packages installed:
and maybe:



Options Menu:

Insert - Show Menu (or console command: ironman)
Up/Down - Switch menu item
Enter - Choose/Toggle menu item
Backspace - Go to previous menu

Hold Spacebar (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Right Mouse Button (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Must hold Aim to fire)
Left Mouse Click (Fire) - Fire Weapon/attack with lam pole/Thrown lifted car
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Switch Weapons
Hold Middle Mouse Button to see Weapon Selection menu, move the mouse to select and release Middle Mouse Button to accept (Crysis Style)
E - Switch to next Weapon/Grab lamp pole or lift cars
L - Switch to previous armor (new)
M - Show/hide armor head part (armor Mark III on GTA IV only) (new)

In Flight Mode:

W - Go Forward
S - Go Backward
A/D - Strafe Left/Right
Shift - Go Up
Control - Go Down
B - Hold to be able to rotate camera around player without changing player's rotation

Ground Combat Only:

Q - Powered Kick
R - Powered Uppercut

Xbox 360 Controller

Options Menu:

Hold Left Bumper and Right Bumper together - Show Menu
Up/Down on Dpad - Switch menu item
A - Choose/Toggle menu item
B - Go to previous menu

Hold X Button (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Left Trigger (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Must hold Aim to fire)
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon (Tap for most Weapons, Must hold to fire Minigun)
Dpad Left/Right - Switch Weapons
B - Grab lamp pole/Lift cars

In Flight Mode:

Left Stick Up - Go Forward
Left Stick Down - Go Backward
Left Stick Left/Right - Strafe Left/Right
Click Left Stick - Go Up
Click Right Stick - Go Down

Ground Combat Only:

Left Bumper - Powered Kick
Right Bumper - Powered Uppercut


Script by JulioNIB
Armors, HUD by H1Vltg3, Wapeddell and Quechus13
Custom flight anims by H1Vltg3
Stark Tower by H1Vltg3
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