Friday, March 28, 2014

IronMan IV - New target HUD system in upcoming update

I'm making a small update for IronMan IV script that will fix some issues with frozen objects, will improve a little the performance and will add new target HUD system with images as HUD instead of coronas and checkpoints :P

The actual version of this script creates all objects and saved cars when script starts, this is my "old style" of object creation that i abandoned in my recent scripts because it causes frozen objects/cars bug and cause too much load on script startup.

The target HUD is just one more need that is possible now that i know how to easily convert the 3D position to 2D screen position thanks to this forum post :)

Any suggestions for the update you can make in my facebook page in the comments of this post.

Actual changes:

Safe house at Stark Tower removed because it cause issues when player dies. Can be enabled on .ini file.
Objects for the Stark Tower like doors, lights and cars will be created when you get close to the tower.
Objects used as darts or rockets will be created when you equip the armor for first time.
Target HUD system improved with images and 3D pos. to 2D screen pos. conversion. This makes target system more customizable because user can change the images used :)

*** Edit - Update released: Check it here ***

List of changes on v2.2:

Removed auto creation of objects at script startup: This will reduce chances of frozen objects/cars
Improved some methods to reduce lag
Removed blip icon from cops (now it's map only)
Improved wanted level increase method
Added method to scare peds around attack area
Improved target HUD (Inspired by first movie)
Added indicator for enemy rockets
Improved melee attacks, now it smash cars on impact
Improved sounds in lamp pole attack
Improved sound player, now problems with "Jarvis" audio in Windows XP should end, i hope
and maybe something else.

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