Tuesday, March 4, 2014

V Style v1.3 - Update

v1.5 Changes

Added icon for jerry can mod

Fixed small issues with guns ammo
Fixed small issues with mod startup

v1.4.2 Changes

Added health loss effect in squared map health bar

Added low health fade effect in squared map health bar (less than 25% health)
Fixed health bar size issue with health bigger than normal (100+)
Fixed "reverse issue" in Franklin's special ability
Fixed issue that makes borders and bars disappear
Improved "Jump+Attack=Fall" trick :)
Improved Direct punch/kick attack
Fixed issue related to "null" mouse sensitivity

v1.4 Changes

Added support for ViIV Los Santos map mod (Spawn points)
Added support for squared map by XForceP* (borders and bars, may work for other squared maps too).
Fixed issues with EFLC version.
Fixed issues with jump+attack trick.
Fixed issues with direct punch attack.
Fixed issues related to char. switch
and other things that i can't remember.

*You can enable or disable each bar/border draw in the .ini file

v1.3 Changes

Added option to disable special Ability
Added character models from V (by ac.amir)
Added HUD Images from V
Fixed small issues related to switch character and interaction between characters

Download (Password: mcsiv)

Download the squared map by XForceP here

Download the Alpha release of Los Santos map (ViIV) here

if you want share or make videos of this mod, please use the following link as reference in description:


Installation: This mod uses OpenIV Package Installer, see how to install here


Hold Tab - Show character selection HUD
Hold middle mouse button - Show weapon selection HUD
Move mouse - Select character or weapon
E - Switch gun in weapon selection HUD slot
I - Show mod menu (Interaction menu), also via ScriptHook command mcsiv
T - Toggle special ability on/off

XBox 360 controller

BUMPER LEFT - Toggle special ability on/off
DPAD LEFT - Show character selection HUD
DPAD DOWN - Show weapon selection HUD
Move right thumb stick - Select character or weapon
BUMPER LEFT - Switch gun in weapon selection HUD slot




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