Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Watch Dogs script by Michael Wojtanis

Today Michael Wojtanis released his Watch Dogs script mod that will bring some cool features to GTA IV inspired by the Watch Dogs game that will be released soon.

The mod let's you do things like:

Destroy cars engine
Turn off cars lights
Trigger cars alarm
Lock/unlock car doors
Make cars accelerate
Spawn pillars on streets
Electrocute people using lamp poles and fixed phones
and more, all using your mobile phone :)

Download the mod here (Link on description of the video)

Installation: Basically put the .net.dll file into your gta Scripts folder, you need scriptHook installed and working :)

Seems that actual version has a bug with patch that makes game crash, but is working fine in patch and EFLC :)


H - Activate/Deactivate
E - Show/hide menu
Space - Execute selected option in the menu


Script by Michael Wojtanis


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