Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Script] Heli Combat

What about heavy armored choppers on Liberty City? 

This is what this mod brings to you, Heli Combat (Beta)

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V1.1 - Train Derail + flares + fixes


Spawn menu: Select the model to spawn

Cannon: This weapon still need some improve, actually it lags a little and don't shoots with the expected fire rate.

Hellfire launcherThis one is cool, shoots up to 20 rockets with fixed flight direction and have an smaller explosion if compared with normal rocket, but its very destructive

Rocket launcher with lock on target feature: Lock the target and shoot up to 8 rockets :)

GunnerBe the "gunner" in one of the sides of the helicopter shooting  everything with an powerful gun

Also we have Enemy helicopter with cannons and rocket launchers:


- (Numpad minus) - SHow helicopter spawn menu
X - Switch camera, last two cams are gunner camera, you will be able to aim and shoot with mouse/xbox control, for xbox shoot with A and aim with right thumb stick
Shift - Shoot Rocket
Control - Shoot cannon
Numpad0 - Shoot "mini rocket"
Normal game shoot key - Shoot actual weapon
Q - Switch actual weapon
E - Release flares

XBox 360 controls

B - Switch cams
A - Shoot actual weapon
D-Pad Down - Switch actual weapon
Right thumb stick - move aim when in gunner camera mode

For Model modders we have an config feature that helps setting rockets, launchers, cannons and camera positions, i will explain this feature in an future post:

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