Friday, March 29, 2013

[Update] Heli Combat v1.2

Download: GTA 4 Mods

News for Heli Combat script:

Added customizable hotkeys, now you can set the keys for:

Shoot - hkShoot=LButton
Switch actual gun - hkSwitchGun=Q
Switch camera - hkSwitchCam=X
Shoot cannon - hkShootCannon=ControlKey
Shoot hellfire - hkShootHellFire=NumPad0
Shoot rocket - hkShootRocket=ShiftKey
Release flares - hkReleaseFlares=E
Show helicopter spawn menu - hkShowSpawnMenu=Subtract
Switch turret camera mode - hkSwitchNightVisionMode=N

Also you can set an custom resolution, for users with very large resolutions like 3840x2160, i didn't tested but i believe that will work:


Added config for some helicopter models (folder \Scripts\HeliFiles\Helicopters\More helicopters):

AH-1Z Viper

AH6 Little Bird

AH-64 Longbow Apache

MI-24 Hind

Z11W Changhe

Added night vision effect for turret camera (last camera)

Added thermal vision effect, this will work only in EFLC, some Icenhancer/ENB can make this effect don't work properly, but this is not big deal, use night vision if thermal don't works fine :)

Added new HUD with damage and weapon usage bars

Improved cop's cannons

Improved cop's rocket aim, now they will shoot more but dont will cause too much damage like instant car explosion

And fixed some issues...

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