Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Script] Iron Man IV - Release post and installation guide :)

This mod allows you to have some Iron Man features like repulsor beam, cannon and flight :)


Different armors with armor selection menu

Super strength melee attacks (Q and R keys)


Darts for silent kill

Mini rockets with multi target lock (up to 10)

Hand repulsor beam

Chest repulsor beam

Flight ability

Also you can have one Ally to help you and flying enemies


Options Menu:

Number 0 (not numpad0) - Show Options Menu
Left/Right - Switch menu item
Enter - Choose/Toggle menu item

Hold Spacebar (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Right Mouse Button (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Must hold Aim to fire)
Left Mouse Click (Fire) - Fire Weapon
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Switch Weapons
Hold Middle Mouse Button to see Weapon Selection menu, move the mouse to select and release Middle Mouse Button to accept (Crysis Style)
E - Switch to next Weapon

In Flight Mode:

W - Go Forward
S - Go Backward
A/D - Strafe Left/Right
Shift - Go Up
Control - Go Down
B - Hold to be able to rotate camera around player without changing player's rotation

Ground Combat Only:

Q - Powered Kick
R - Powered Uppercut

Xbox 360 Controller

Options Menu:

Hold Left Bumper and Right Bumper together - Show Options Menu
Left/Right on Dpad - Switch menu item
A Button - Choose/Toggle menu item

Hold X Button (Jump) briefly to toggle Flight Mode ON/OFF
Hold Left Trigger (Aim) to aim/Set Targets (Must hold Aim to fire)
Right Trigger - Fire Weapon (Tap for most Weapons, Must hold to fire Minigun)
Dpad Left/Right - Switch Weapons

In Flight Mode:

Left Stick Up - Go Forward
Left Stick Down - Go Backward
Left Stick Left/Right - Strafe Left/Right
Click Left Stick - Go Up
Click Right Stick - Go Down

Ground Combat Only:

Left Bumper - Powered Kick
Right Bumper - Powered Uppercut

Observation for ENB/iCeNhancer users

The repulsor beam effect uses corona to simulate the beam, so the intensity of corona effect must be greater or equal to 2:


file that has this config: enbseries.ini or iceconfig.ini

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