Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[Update] AC-130 v1.1

This is the new version of my AC-130 script, not big changes, i don't know what more i can do for this script

What i did:

Performance improvement using new methods to find targets and create the night vision effect
Added XBox 360 controller
Added thermal camera effect
Added more effect for .40 and .105 projectiles
Added option to skip resolution auto detect for users that run at 3860x2160 (downsampling method)
Added new target HUD for Air support mode
Fixed EFLC texture issues
Fixed texture stretch issue
Fixed some bugs

Download: GTA 4 Mods

Script will go with two versions:

Default ( Requires dll Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll in GTAIV.exe folder (included)
Non XNA (AC130Files\No XNA\AC130.vb): Without XBox 360 controller support.

Why we have two versions? Because in my tests with San Andreas IV the XNA version don't work :(

Controls: Keyboard + mouse:

F7 - Activate AC130 in remote control mode
in this mode, hotkeys are:

Hold middle mouse button and move mouse Up/Down to zoom in/out (change FOV)
1 - Switch to 105mm
2 - Switch to 40mm
3 - Switch to 20mm
Right click - toggle gun
W - Speed up plane
S - Slow down plane
A - turn left
D - turn right
Left click - Shoot with actual gun
C - Change camera when in 105mm gun mode
N - Switch nightvision mode On/OFf (EFLC will have one extra: thermal vision mode, ON/Thermal/Off)

F8 - Activate AC130 in "Air support" mode

In this mode you stay on the ground, aim at the vehicle, ped or ground to set the target,
then press 1 to fire 105mm, 2 to fire 40mm and 3 to fire 20mm gun (burst fire mode)

Controls: XBox 360 controller:

Hold right Trigger and press left Thumb Stick to activate AC130
Hold right Trigger and press right Thumb Stick to activate Air support mode

A - Shoot actual gun
B - Switch gun
X - Switch Nightvision mode
Y - Switch camera for 105 shoots
Left Thumb Stick - Aim
Left Trigger - Turn left
Right Trigger - Turn right
Left Shoulder - Zoom out
Right Shoulder - Zoom in

In Air support mode: Left Thumb Stick: Walk, Right Thumb Stick: Aim

To deactivate the AC130/Air support press left or right Thumb Stick

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