Friday, April 19, 2013


Let me write here some mod's requests:

Alessio Calandrella
Hi, can u help creating a little script.
The Script must work in this way:
Press Alt+Z to get the ems bag.
The bag will attach to the player.

Hey man, what's up? So I have had an idea of a script on GTA IV for about 4 years now, but no one has seemed to do it or attempt it. I was really wanting to know if somehow or someway it would be possible to make a grab mod. And I don't mean cars, I mean walls, and objects, because it seems possible considering when peds begin to fall off of a ledge, slide down a hill, or etc they try to grab and hang on to the nearest thing they can grip to save their self. But I've wanted a mod that would allow the player to press a key and grab onto a wall at anytime. I have no idea if it can be done, but it's just something I've been wanting on this game for a loonnnggg time, because I always use things like the ragdoll mod to mess around with every time I play because I really do enjoy it more than anything, haha. But yeah, If you could look into something like this, or tell someone else who makes script about it, I would greatly appreciate it! You know, if you don't mind, of course because I would LOVE to see this in the game. :D
Oh and btw, one other thing, is it possible to make all peds drunk? Like all peds around in your area, because that's another thing I've wanted to see too for awhile. I'm just obsessed with Euphoria and ragdoll physics if you can't tell, that's why I love these types of mods, lmfao.

Ok thank you, so, can you make a mod to smoke weed? not a big thing, this mod already exists but with cigarettes, it would be too cool! Smoke with Little Jacob :D
That's all, thank you men
first version done:

I'm looking to change the sound of the cannon (If you don't mind?), I'm trying to make it sound more like the mini gun of an A-10 Warthog, i found this video of the A-10 in action and have become obsessed with making it sound like the real thing: watch?v=R3fL2atX_-0&t=6m25s ,I changed the minigun file in the jetfiles folder but it still makes the shotgun sound when i fire the cannon, which file makes the cannon sound, can you please help??...Best gta mod ever btw!!

hi i have another idea i just saw your particle video and i never knew how much blood effects there were
so my suggestion would be overdone blood
hitting someone makes a big splash of blood with a sound effect
running people over makes blood splash everywhere
could also work for the prototype script i suggested
i think you could do hammer fist and claws
the prototype model by ac amir has all different hands as clothing
i also think you can do ground spike just without the spikes
what do you think could you do it?

If you do a portal gun mod, you are my god
mod being developed by nixolas1

Kovács Péter - Spyke
My idea is a Drag Race mod. Just like as the mod what we could use in san andreas in the past few years  simply theres a track for example the airport's street. Two cars one is the player and one is the ped. And they do a drag race  the one who finishes first wins.

Sophia Wisher
Anyway I am writing to you to ask for the mod MECHS COMBAT :D
It must be boring for you reading such posts but I just need to write....sorry
Here is a thread I made on the GTA IV MODS
there is model of GEKKO from MGS4
I wonder if you can use it to create a mod of a mech.
I asked few guys to give me their 3d models of mechs
here is the model
here is how it walks
Will you be able to create a mod for the GTA IV based on those Metal Gear Rex or Gekko files? (3d objects)
Based on District 91. Mechs are not supposed to fly (Armored Core does such thing but the whole gameplay will be about flying same like heli) or at least they should have a chance to fly for 3 sec(boost for flying or going forward) to get to the roof then engine should overheat
2. One weapon should be called GRAVITY. You can pull up a guy or a vehicle then aim at your target and throw the thing you were holding.
3. Another weapon should be railgun. Mech takes pose with one arm stretched to the front. Energy, electricity is accumulating. And then it fires. Big laser flies through whole roads. Everything on the roads and pavement is exploding. LONG reloading.It could be fun if during accumulating the weather changes to the rain and there are thunderstorms next to the mechs :DDD Like in Dragon Ball when Goku fought with Freeza hehe
4. Miniguns - routine (just overheat should be attached) Camera shoudl shakes to make gameplay more dramatic.
5. MISSILES :D but mech should stop when using it. We can aim max 10 targets or less in that stopped pose. We press fire. And then there is a view from another camera. We see mech from far (30metres). We look at its front. And missiles are firing from his back.
6.Catapult should be included. When mech dies there is a bloody huge explosion. Like in Air Combat when we drop bombs.
7. Another Missiles which are not able to lock at the target. 1 missile per 2 sec or more so the fight with the enemy won't be too easy.
8. The problem is...when you catapult the Comabt MODE should work so we can steal enemy mech.
9. MEchs should regenerate when kill the enemy.
10. After 10 killed enemies there is a BOSS :D Big huge mech like Metal Gear Rex. 

it takes forever to go into menus and choose character and spawn with simple trainer on my laptop.i know many have been experiencing same problem with no numpad keys. can you please make a simple editable script with which we can just input which ped we want to spawn and by press of one button spawn them ? please i have to go through menus and menus to check any ped mods ive been installing.
thank you 

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