Sunday, June 9, 2013

Iron Man IV - Restore street peds pack

Check the last version of this mod here


If you installed first version of Iron Man IV mod, you probably replaced some common street peds, and you probably see armors walking on streets ^^

To fix this "issue" i created the replace mission chars pack to replace mission chars and now i will release here this pack to restore original GTA IV peds visual, this way you will avoid the armors walking on streets :)

Easy install

OpenIV Package for easy install: FreakShare, MEGA

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Need help with .oiv files? click here

Manual setup

Download the pack FreakShare, MEGA

Extract the files to an folder, you will have this:

Now open the OpenIV, select your game, open the folder models\cdimages, open the file componentpeds.img then click in Edit mode:

Now in the folder "restore" we will have all the models that we need to drag to OpenIV, select them all and drag and drop to OpenIV, or use the OpenIV menu Edit > Add:


Obs.: Those ped models are from EFLC, so you can use them in EFLC too. They are similar to the ones from GTA IV, maybe they are the same, i don't know. This pack was tested in GTA with patch and

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