Saturday, June 1, 2013

[TIP] tip

As you can see i use in great part of my links to earn some money :)

Yes, i need money, and to don't sell my mods i use Ads in links, it, generally, costs only 5 seconds of your life and who really pays is the owners of the Ads.

The intention of this post is help some people that may have difficulties with the system, if you don't have trouble with, just ignore this post :)

So, how it works?

Full page Ad

When you click in an link you will be redirected to an page with this layout ( mine is in portuguese ;) ):

In the top we have the header with the time counter and in the center of the page the Ad, when the time counter reaches zero an button should appear (Skip Ad), you should click in this button to be redirected to the desired link:

Simple right? 5 seconds of your life ;)

Banner Ad

The banner Ad will appear only on top of the page, some pages like FreakShare and MEGA will require that you close the Ad banner clicking in the red X button of the Ad in the right top corner of the page.

Thanks for the comprehension

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