Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GTA iV HULK Script - Screenshots and progress [W.I.P.]

HULK script is evolving...

Download it here

Requested by taltigolt, also he is giving tips and making tests :)
Ped model used in screens/videos it's from ac.amir, unfortunately the oficial download link is offline, you can temporary download it here
The script it's not available yet, but will be released soon

"Lamp pole as baseball bat" feature: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=354247838031496
Ped grab and throw: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=355231647933115
"Ped smash", possible feature: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=355430167913263
Basic melee attacks: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=357637081025905

All started with simple big jump attack

Hold jump to jump higher with an limit, fall from high places 
and damage ground, peds, vehicles an objects around you

Footsteps ground effect (sound and particle fx):

When walking or running you will cause some small damage on ground, 
unfortunately i don't know how to create the crackle textures on ground yet

Lift objects and vehicles and throw them:

You can lift dumpsters and throw them. If you hold attack key 
HULK will have his rage increased and will throw with more force

The same can be done with any vehicle, maybe i will add an 
size limit, lift an bus seems too much

Watch those features above here:

Grab a lamp pole and use it like a baseball bat:

Q: What about grab an lamp pole and use it like an baseball bat?

A: HULK Smash!

Actually we have three movements for this attack: 
Attack from right, from left and from top

Crash almost everything that is in front of player

just crazy.

Ped grab and throw:

 Actual issue is the transition between animated ped to ragdoll 
and grabbed ped, sometimes it looks ugly, also the grab can fail
because of attach point distant form player hand, hard to control this detail.

 But it's a nice feature, i think i will keep

 Other bad point is that is only dangerous for the grabbed ped ^^
An ped at high speed it's not dangerous.

"Ped smash", kinda Loki being punished by Hulk in Avengers movie.

Basic melee attacks

 Animation + sound + ptfx = nice punch

 Top attack will throw peds and vehicles up

Cars will have their doors broken

"Thunder clap"

Makes me remember Fus Ro Dah ^^

Punch ground attack

Peds, objects and vehicles in front of player will be launched

Jump to targeted ground

Makes a lot easier reach the top of a building

Direct attack against targets

"Wall climb"

This feature will allow you to "climb" walls, also 
it's useful to avoid fall on ground when big jump fails
Unfortunately the ped arms and foot will "blend" with the wall.

More features are coming :)

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