Saturday, June 29, 2013

HULK script - GTA iV - Release post and installation guide

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Finally the HULK script is released :)

This script will give to player some HULK powers:
  • Super melee attacks
  • Thunder clap
  • Punch ground attack
  • Grab and throw (or smash on ground) peds, it's not precise yet, the grab fail more than work :(
  • Grab lamp pole and use like an baseball bat
  • Lift vehicles or dumpster and throw them
  • Big jump attack
  • Direct attack against targets
  • Big jump to reach top of buildings or cover big distances
  • Grab launched rockets and throw them
  • Wall climb
  • Extra speed when running/swimming fast
  • And maybe something that i'm forgetting now ^^

Hit play and see the mod in action :)


Download: V1.1 released, click here to download


*This mod was requested by taltigolt, that also gave tips and made tests :)

If you wanna make videos of this mod or share it anywhere, please use the following links in the post, this will help me a lot :)

Installation (script)

Download here

Always do this steps with game closed ;)

With this mod i'm using an new installation method that is easier for who have the OpenIV installed, this is how it works:

Download and extract the files, you will have this:

Now open the OpenIV and click in Package Installer:

In the next window choose the file HULK script.oiv and click in Open, you will have this window now:

Click in what game version you will install the script on, the next window will be similar to:

Now click in Hulk Script to install the script, if everything is Ok an button to run the game will appear, click in Close.

If you don't have the ScriptHook installed you need to run OpenIV again, repeat the steps, but in the last step choose one of the two options to install the scripthook files, choose based on your game patch version. Without scriptHook you can't run this script.

Installation (ped model)

Always do this steps with game closed ;)

The installation of the ped model is basically same idea, extract the files, run OpenIV, click in Package Installer, choose the file HULK Ped model.oiv, choose the game version and click to install.

If you don't want to use this method you can see the instructions for manual installation in the readme.txt :)


Insert or H - Activate/Deactivate (or show the mod menu)

Middle mouse button - Grab/lift peds, dumpsters, vehicles, lamp poles and rockets (hold for rockets)

Left mouse button - Attack with punches, throw grabbed/lifted things, attack with lamp pole

E - Hold to charge the Thunder clap attack, release to perform the attack

R - Hold to charge the Punch ground attack, release to perform the attack

Hold space for a while to perform the Big jump, you can do this running too

While falling from Big Jump hold Left mouse button to perform Big Jump fall attack

You can hold space when getting close to ground to perform the big jump again with more forward speed

Right mouse button - Set targets, use Left mouse button to attack/jump to target

When grabbing or lifting something hold left mouse button to increase the Throw force

With grabbed ped if you reach more than 70 of Rage you will perform a "ped smash" attack ( kinda Hulk vs. Loki in Avengers movie :) )

When falling and facing a wall you will grab the wall if forward key is down ( commonly W )
Hold W to keep grabbed to the wall, press Space to jump to an position above or press Left mouse button to climb the wall

XBox 360 controller support

H Activate (keyboard)
X Jump
B Grab
Left bumper Punch gound
Right bumper Thunder clap
Left trigger Aim
Right trigger Attack
Left ThumbStick Move player
Right ThumbStick Point camera



an HULK hook punch

Lift cars or dumpster and throw them

Jump high and cause damage when "landing"

With some luck you can climb walls, lag (-15 fps) will make this feature fail sometimes :(

Grab an lamp pole and smash

Annihilator helicopter will shoot with miniguns if you are close to aim center

This is the "ped smash", if you grab an ped (that still a hard task) you can hold attack key and perform this attack (Rage > 70)

If you hold middle mouse button and have some luck you can grab an flying rocket...

...and throw it back

Wrong attach offset when throwing, but we almost don't notice while playing :)

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